Friday, December 10, 2010

The dog ate my husbands quilt

Can you believe that?  And it's the not the first quilt this dog has nibbled on. Why do they like to get the quilts???

Since I'm having so much fun with the RRCB mystery I decide to try a new mystery.  There is one called "hugs and kisses", now isn't that so appropriate for a replacement quilt for my husband?  I think so.  It does call for lots of lights, more than colors so I'm switching it around.  It will be darker than it will be light, but hey it's for a guy.  I used sooo much of my limited neutral stash on RRCB ( I really hope we don't need a lot more neutral for that one). This quilt is a two color quilt so I'm going scrappy with the blues and then adding a tan, just one fabric.  


  1. Aww man, I'm sorry to hear that. I have one who will pull my fabrics off the table if I go out and he's left. Even if he's with the otehr dogs. I finally figured out his mischeif actually only occurs when he's not been exercised like he should have been.

    Mostly, now, my biggest issue is if I lay a quilt down to photograph 2 of the 3 must immediately lay on it to test it out. Or, my other one must lay on whatever I lay on the floor as I'm trying to design. It's really distracting and must be hysterical to see my trying to keep her 50lbs off. I really need a design wall. lol

  2. I too have a dog that has eaten holes in 3 different quilts. I feel your pain. I still love my dog inspite of her faults.
    Happy Quilting.

  3. A citrus misting will help with animals and your quilts. I just put a little lemon or orange peals in a misting bottle (plastic mist bottle from the $ store)and spritz quilts lightly. Keeps the pets away as well as freshens them.

  4. I had one chesapeake bay retriever who would wake up during the night (while sleeping on my bed); suck and nibble on the quilt corners. I used very cheap quilts (nothing I made) until she outgrew that.


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