Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Lights quilt without the Christmas

I was able to get a few rows sewn together rows sewn together on this one this weekend.

I know I'm suppose to be machine quilting, but the scraps were screaming to me when Bonnie posted Christmas lights.  I had a lot of batik scraps from a couple of Judy Niemyer quilts (did anyone else get some of her patterns when they were on sale?   I got 6 for under 30, sooooo happy).  Scraps where mostly hot pinks, hot orange and jewel tones.  I love the Christmas lights pattern but wasn't sure how to do it with the scraps I had. So I made the block in EQ7 and started playing around.  I think I finally decide on the using only one of the blocks (not using the star block) and twisting things up a bit.  I"m using a purple as my constant.  Everything is cut and I'm trying to do this as a leaders and enders quilt, so I don't feel quite a guilty.  We'll see how it turns out, I think for a teenage girl it'll be nice.


  1. Gorgeous.
    I really have to get the EQ program.

  2. without the star blocks this is a completely different, very modern look! Nice going! Can't wait to see it finished ;-)


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