Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Working on Wednesday

Well its been a little over a week and San Marco,  a BOM from A Different Box of Crayons, is not done, and the table is no longer clear!  But I can show a few progress pics.  I do hope to have it finished today or tomorrow for some Fresh off the Frame picks on Friday.  I will have a finish!!!  I won't be denied!

look at the shimmer of the silk, I'll have better pics the end of the week.

and the rulers, why why why do I have to pull out so many rulers when I do custom work?

Ok so what happend in the last week??

I got a nother squash squad completed and started on number 5, all shananagans with that block have stopped temporarliy!

Squahs Squad #6

I am so close to finishing San Marco.  This was a tough one and I made this quilt too.  So as I'm designing the quilting motifs I'm trying to figure out how I will quilt mine to look a big different from Kims.  The other thing that made this tough is the number of different design elmements in this quilt. It was like desiging for 6 different quilts but still trying to tie them all together.  In the end I think I have a cohesive design which adds to the pieceing and doesn't take anything away from the quilt.  Fingers crossed....lots of thread on this.    I'll give the details on threads, batting etc on the Friday post.  In the mean time, hopefully these will keep you coming back for more.  Here's a picture of how I marked the large black leaves.   I really didn't have a ruler to do what I wanted so I just did it free hand.  I did want to mark them though so I could see that they were at least somewhat consistent before I stitched. I actually tried the first time to just go all willy nilly and stitch some beautiful design on those leaves, but everyone on those stitches came out and I behaved after that!  Taking stitches out of a double batt when you're using thin thread is, well, it's just not fun!!

free hand marking of stem with chalk pencil, I only use white

much happier with these more consistent results.  Do you see the peacock checking out my work???

The modern lap quilt is done. This will be part of you fund raising for one of the guilds that I'm in, I should have tickets the end of October.  We'll have Country Jane (based on dear Jane) this Modern Quilt and an incredible embroiderd bag.  Country Jane is going on the frame next!  This quilt is just so yummy!!!  This modern baby is made with Cherrywood fabric (my very favorite fabric), Silks, a couple different types, some silk velvets, and a shot cotton, yummy, yummy, yummy.  Just need to get it quilted.  I think just some modern straight lines, what do you think?  Maybe some big stitches when it's done......

I need a name, please name me

And finally I'll leave you with a little treat from by garden.  It took a long time for the monarchs to get here, the swallowtails are long gone but we still have a couple of monarchs, they soon will leave us for the migration to Mexico, but I do enjoy seeing them as long at they are here.  And the hydrangeas, I pick them from the start of the annabelles blooming until thanksgiving, just love them so much

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  1. I'm loving San Marco. What an amazing job you're doing on it. I'm not sure I would try that hard to make the quilting on yours different. So lovely. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. Beautiful machine quilting! You do great work.


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