Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whooping It up on Friday

Well I got a little more done this week than last week.  I couldn't resist the granny squares.  I'm making a baby/toddler size quilt for a boy.  I just love the granny squares.

I did finish Sea Shards, but I'm so tired of it that I'm not going to post again until it's quilted.

And I finally started on my Dear Jane Blocks - 3 done - oh so many many more to go.
Dear Jane A-4
Dear Jane A8
Dear Jane A6
There's another blogger giveaway for St Patricks day.  I have some fabric on my table that I don't want to put away so I'm giving it away :)  Stop back on 3/17 to see the goodies and  it check out
 Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

And Sarah is starting up Hands2Help for a couple of great charities.  The schedule will be posted soon, there's prizes and guest bloggers.  Stop by and see what's going on


  1. What great looking granny squares! I've been debating making some but you've just convinced me that I should. I've been collecting green fabrics for my son without a pattern in mind. Granny it is!
    My hat is off to you for tackling Dear Jane. That's a big undertaking!

  2. Oh, those GS blocks are stunning in the blue/black/white. I did a lot of the Dear Jane, but gave them away. I like to work tiny, but did not see going the whole nine-yards with it.

  3. I love your granny squares! I've been seeing them all over the place, they are very tempting! :o) I'm so happy to have another Dear Jane to follow--such an amazing quilt and I love seeing everyone's versions of it. xo

  4. Your Granny Squares are great! Love the color choices, they can "grow" with a boy throughout the years... not too babyish, not too bright. Beautiful!

  5. The Granny Squares you're making are just perfect for a boy. Love the fabric choices, really like the tweed pattern fabric.

  6. I love the colors on those Granny squares!!

  7. Love your granny's I have 2 blocks to finish to complete the 2 granny quilts that I am making. I have loved making these blocks they are a lot of fun but glad I am on the home stretch.


  8. Seeing your Dear Jane blocks is making me want to get back to mine. I have over 100 blocks completed and 18 triangles but haven't felt the urge to do's been over six months since I made one! Thanks for whetting my appetite to start on them again!
    Alice in Central Florida

  9. So many projects....your sewing room must be very colorful!

  10. Oh, I love those granny square blocks! I've got to make some of my own - imagine what they'd look like made out of men's shirts! And I love your Dear Jane blocks, too. Thanks for the shoutout for H2H - schedule should be posted this Sunday! Whoop whoop!!

  11. Hey! Look at your Baby Janes! I love them. :D You know what - just keep plugging away at them a few each month, and before you really know it, you suddenly start having a significant portion showing up. I'm about 1/3rd of the way through, I think. Love your fabrics.

  12. I love your blue and black granny squares. With all these cute animal characters you find on quilts these days I'm starting to wish I had a kiddies quilt on my bed. Hey who can resist cute bunnies, owls and kitties, or maybe I'm just young at heart.
    I've just made cute lime green and yellow owl padded cell phone covers for my kids and I, for our Tracfone phones.
    I need to carry my light little $15 Tracfone SVC cell phone for seniors around my neck for emergencies & liked it's large keys and big letters on the screen so that I don't strain my eyes when taking or making a call.
    I now want to make a green frog ipad quilt cover for my hubby who's already scratched the screen.

  13. I also love your granny squares -.on my to-do list. What size did you make the squares for the baby quilt? Thanks!


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