Saturday, November 27, 2010

One more day of sewing then back to reality

One more day of vacation then back to the real world.  Lots of things accomplished this week - baby quilt (oh that wasn't part of the plan, but very pleased with the outcome), Snowman collector quilt - all button hole stitching completed on all blocks, pillow cases for great nieces and nephews (Justin's is hard to read but hey he's only 3, he can't read yet ;).  And the design wall got redone and I absolutely love it!!   Before I just had batting hanging on the wall, nicely trimmed of course.  But it was not a strong batting and was starting to sag.  I saw a posting from someone on Quiltville board regarding insulation foam and wrapping that with batting.  So my husband had a nice afternoon project and I absolutely love it!! I love that it's so easy to use pins.  I love my machine embroidery and the stabilizer doesn't always stick as nicely as I would like to the batting, but now it's so easy to pin things to it.  Oh and I  finished clue to of RRCB, ya...can't wait to see how that's going to turn out.  I love scrappy quilts.  Tomorrow, I need to start on some of the machine quilting, a few projects are starting to stack up.  They are all laid out nicely in the guest bedroom.  We have guests coming in 2 weeks....must do quilting tomorrow.  Oh, it's just so much fun to do smaller projects and see some quick results.


  1. Your little snowmen are adorable.

    Was this a purchased pattern?

  2. The snowmen are from the Snowman Collector series by Stitch Connection. It is a fairly old pattern. I found mine on ebay which was wonderful.

    I found a link for Stitch Connection, hmmm they have some pretty cute stuff there

  3. I consider my working wall one of my most important quilting tools, along with my machine and my brain...:)

  4. Hi Sue,
    Could you give us a closer picture of the blocks on the left side of your design wall in the above photo. They look like art deco florals. And can you tell me what the pattern is? Thanks, Pam

  5. Take a look at for a closer look at the flower blocks. I really like them, but taking my time with that quilt as it will be a wedding gift.


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