Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another productive sewing weekend

How long can this last?  Two great sewing weekends in a row!  I finished step one for Bonnie's RRCB mystery quilt.  This is my first mystery quilt and the very excited about it.  I just can't wait for step 2.

I have been playing with EQ7, I've created dozens of quilts on the computer, now to make one real!  Starting with a baby quilt (I love making baby quilts) and the embroidery has started.  I'm using the left over blues from the snowman collector quilt for a baby boy quilt.  While the embroidery is going I'll be working on my snowman collector quilt.  I have all the blocks cut and fused, now just need to add the button hole stitching.  Lots to do while I wait for clue number 2.

Oh and I have the week off so there will be plenty of sewing this week!


  1. That snowman one is wonderful...well it will be.

  2. I love your Snowman blocks. Can you share with me where you got the patterns? I would love to make them. All your blocks are just great. I'm going Bonnie's mystery quilt also. I dont have Clue 1 finished but hopefully today I will also be waiting for Clue 2.
    Have a great day & hugs
    June (

  3. The snowman blocks are from the Snowman Collector series from The Stitch Connection. It's a fairly old pattern. I got the pattern off ebay. Hope that helps.

  4. your cotton boll quilt is going to be very rich and warm looking. My first mystery too!

  5. Such a cute Snowman quilt! You look so organized.


  6. Glad you are sewing along with the mystery! Your greens are really yummy!


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