Monday, February 18, 2019

Trish's Lone Star Quilt

I just finished quilting this purple beauty for Trish.  She made this for her daughter and started quilting it but some issues prevented her from finishing.  The center of the star was quilted by her.  I found the digitized pattern and used that in one of the border.  That pattern was stars, leaves and curls. I took those and use that through out the quilt.  Trish wanted different designs in different areas and I think I covered that for her.   On the outer most border the more complicated design, the fabric was like a solid so you would be able to see it, then diamonds on one border, curly ribbon candy on another.  Curls behind the embroidered stars.   The fabric of the setting pieces for the star were so busy that quilting just wouldn't show, so I just did a nice feather in that areas, gives texture.  In the center of the star was a part that Trish had quilted.  I went over most of it in a similar color, then just added curls to the next row of diamonds.  After that, some continuous curve and more curls in the diamonds.

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back - shows nicely on the yellow


Batting warm and natural, thread Glide on top, bottom line in the bobbin. Thanks Trish for letting me quilt for you!

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  1. Another beauty!! You are truly a Goddess with a long arm!

  2. Such a beautiful quilt Trish has stitched and oh my, your quilting is a masterpiece!

  3. That's a beautiful quilt, but your quilting really makes it shine!!

  4. This quilt is beautiful, Sue! I'm really curious about how you were able to finish the quilting on the longarm if the client had already quilted the CENTER herself. How on earth did you load it?


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