Friday, March 8, 2019

H2H2019 and Care Givers Quilt Drive - off and running

Wait a minute, hold the presses - guess who won a FABULOUS giveaway over at Quilting It by Leisha Farnsworth  I seriously won the entire set of Circle2 (circle squared) rulers!  They are a dream.  I'd love to show you what I"m doing with them but gosh darn it I can share the quilt yet.  But I love  love love (really love) the rulers!  Finally I have a set of circle rulers.    Stop by and she some of the quilting Leisha does with these, amazing!!

What a great start we had.   Our first get together was a cutting day.  Quilts planned, quilts cut, quilts sewn and even a finish, yep that's right a finish.  I've decide to use my Good Fortune  for the care giver quilt drive. Honestly, I have a basket of Bonnie quilts all with the same color, I don't need another!  So that will go in the mix. I'm really into the big block quilts this year!

We are very excited to have new members!  Jodi, has a great idea for a quilt and got started right away.  She even took it home for home work!  Abbey is joining us and hit the cutting matt getting stuff cut.  Kim joined us as well.  She not only, but started sewing a quilt.  Veronika, an original member got a chance to sew and has the center of one of the quilts done.  I was able to get a little sewing together and finished a top, woohoo!

This top has been in progress for at least 5 years.  We've been using the little two patches as leaders and enders for a few years now.  This beauty is what became of all that work.  I love it and can't wait to quilt it.  It's going to be a little cozier down there this year since Loretta joined us.  I've got 6 machines set up here and one over by the long arms (the time out machine).  If we have to we can set up some machines up stairs.

Have you signed up yet for Hands 2 Help?  Check out the side bar and go take a look.  New causes this year, so many to choose from, so much love to spread.  Not only do you get that warm fuzzy feeling from spreading some quilty love but she's got prizes!!!!  Good prizes too, so get on over there and sign up for a quilt or two or four :)

Here's our stats this week - goal is 8, stretch is 10!! and I believe we're lined up for 13 right now!

Done -   1
Flimsy - 1
Cut       - 9
Out for homework - 2
1 done - 9 to go!


  1. A good start for sure. How I wish I lived closer!

  2. What a fun event! I'm sure all the quilts will be done in no time at all! Congrats on winning the circle rulers!! What a giveaway and I'm sure you'll make use of each one of them!!

  3. Cool rulers!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. I'm another who wishes I lived nearby. :)


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