Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Finishes

I have a finish, I have a finish!!!  Seems like it's been a very long time (last finish 2/20)  I've had a finish but that all changes today.  This is my first full completed quilt for H2H.  Big Red Star (creative huh?) is a 63 inch square, I used Premo Soft thread on top, Hobbs Polydown batting, Magna glide in the bobbin.  The back is pieced with the left over charms and cozy flannel.  Pantograph is Fan Fare by Patricia Ritter - one of my all time favorites.
Big Red Start H2H #1

Big Red Star Detail
Big Red Star - Hobbs Polydown Batting, Premo Soft thread on top, Fan Fare Pantograph
Big Red Star Back
I had a couple of helpers on this Thursday H2H session.  We finished up another top, we are certainly hitting our goal of one quilt per session.  Pattern is Graffiti Quilt by A quilters dream. The blocks are 16 in blocks unfinished,  quilt is 62 inches square finished.  I can't believe we got this together in 3 hours.  What a fun quilt.  My helpers even got a picture of me.  Next session is Sat morning, if your in the McHenry area and want to help out, let me know. We'd love to have you.
Graffiti quilt - hey that's me, I like taking pictures better than being in them
My helpers on Thursday - Ladies did some amazing work!


And I just took Marge's quilt off the frame.  She made this for her grand daughters wedding who lives in FL.  It's her grand daughters favorite colors and I think the fabric is just perfect for FL.  This one has Hobb's wool batting, Glide thread on top and magna glide in the bobbin.  Pantograph is Fan Fare again.  I've got one going on the frame today that will need the same pantograph.  I should be able to do this one in my sleep.  After two pretty intense quilts on the frame, it's nice to do a pantograph or three :)
Hobbs Wool Batting, Glide thread on top and magna glide on the bottom, Fan Fare pantograph

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  1. Looks like you were able to stay out of the way of the carpet cleaning guys! LOL! BOth finishes are awesome! What a productive week you've feels good huh!

  2. The Big Red Star is Big Ole Winner! Love everything about it.

  3. Love that Big Red Star! That would make a great Quilt of Valor. You look great! And I love that graffiti quilt! Pantos are nice after something intense!

  4. Its a beautiful red star! Gorgeous quilts and so busy!!

  5. The red star is gprgeous! The grafity quilt too!!! Looks like you have a lot of fun together!

  6. It's about time we get to see what you look like Sue!! Very nice finishes :-)

  7. Love the Big Red Star and Graffiti is seriously awesome! Made even better with your appearance on the blog ;)

  8. It really looks great and I'll definitely be taking a look at that panto when I get to MQX next week.

  9. Love your big red star quilt - beautiful design and quilting! But that Graffiti quilt is something else! It looks like it's basically a stack-and-whack - is it?


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