Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fly Away

2 Tops done for Hands 2 Help (see the side bar, not too late to sign up).  The first one is Fly Away pattern. I think I'll call this one butterscotch.  That color so makes me hungry for butterscotch pudding.  This one is 68-ish in square.  I ran out of the butterscotch color so the border is a couple inches smaller than it should be.  It's a bad picture.  I'll get a better one when it's quilted....Now this is going to be a fun one to quilt don't you think?

The second is based on one of the Craftsy quilt in a day pattern I had help with this one, that's Veronika peaking over the top of the quilt.  Together we got this top together in less than  3 hours!!  Love it.  I'm calling this one H2H Star - brilliant huh?  I got nothing when it comes to naming quilts.  This one is 56 inches square.

Look there's actually something on my design wall.  This was suppose to be a nice little quilt that I do on breaks from quilting just beachy.  This thing has tormented me, I have no idea when or if it will ever get done.  It's been sewn, and resewn multiple times, man.  I'm going to conquer this little guy I just know it.  I thought it would be bright and cheery, feel good using up some of the scraps and stash.  Well maybe someday but not today. Actually I feel like I've made progress just getting it up on the wall, that took longer to do than completeing H2H Star :)
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I think I have my blog completely on my gmail address now.  I'm so tired of the comment emails bouncing because it was a yahoo account.  I think just about every comment I made on a blog bounced last week.  We'll see if this does the trick.  If it doesn't help, well I'll have to figure out a plan B.

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  1. Nice work Sue, and can't wait to see what magic you work up on those H2H quilts!

  2. Oh, Sue - don't stress about Beachy.
    Don't rip - I'm sure whatever you do will be fine. I know it is full of fusible that makes it terrible to work with. I put it in the corner for 3 years, so time is NOT of the essence. Your quilting is beautiful - I'm sure whatever you've done is beautiful.

    I really like these tops. The butterscotch one will look awesome with your quilting. Have some fun for a while.!

  3. I imagine "Pudding Bowl" for your butterscotch quilt, since the traditional block name is Cut Glass Dish. I like the color combination!

  4. Great eye candy. And, even if you are tired of the last one it is a great, fun little quilt. I can't wait to see what you do with Butterscotch quilting-wise.

  5. LOVE this big star! It's going to be fun to quilt too!

  6. Sue, I love your big star!! Both quilts will make great donations.

  7. When you get ready to quilt that star why not give a run through your quilts for 2014 and back. I just did and they were great inspiration. I think that when I am ready to quilt again I will spend a couple of hours on your past years quilts and then head to the studio, full of inspiration.

  8. I do like that big star! Sure you will make them all shine with your quilting magic. If you've sorted out the g-mail thing, let me know. Someone gave me instructions (I may not have followed them well) and it made things worse - so reverted back. Would love to straighten out the bouncing mail.

  9. Sue, Nice job on so many cheery designs, and the blessing that they will be to someone needing the love sewn in them.



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