Sunday, July 7, 2013

Project Scrap Attack is complete!!

Yep that's right.  My Scrap Attack project was making 4 quilts from my scraps as there were getting completely out of hand.  And yes I made 4 quilts and still have enough scraps to make another 4.   And there's a prize for me at the end of project scrap attack.  I get to start a quilt that I just absolutely fell in love with the first time I saw it.  So 4 quilts huh?  Yep Scrap Attack number 1 can be seen here.  I won a bag of scraps that had the coral and brown fabrics.  I never put them away so I used them up.  I added the greenish yellow color.  I love the combination of colors in this one.   Not something I ever would have planned for myself.  And that's what I love about using up scraps, you do things that out of your comfort zone.
Scrap Attack #1
And then there's freshly squeezed- scrap attack quilt 2 - I used left over strings that were just sitting there looking all pretty and a charm pack that I never put away.  Front and back are all scraps
Fresh Squeezed back
Fresh Squeezed
Scrap Attack #3 is a QOV quilt.   Just used 2.5 in strips.  I even got the binding out of my scraps on this one.  Not sure how I ended up with so many 2.5 in strips of the same fabric but they were all in the scrap bin.  And now put to good use!
Scrap Attack #3 - QOV 
Scrap Attack #3 back
And the final Scrap Attack is a graduation gift for a friend.  She's going to University of WI so I made a quilt in her college colors.  The reds are completely exhausted in the scrap bin. I had to break into a few fat quarters on this one, but the Red, White, Black and blue (from the QOV) scraps are completely under control and waiting to be replenished.  I have the EQ file that I'll post on the EQ and Tutorials page later in the week if anyone is interested.
Scrap Attack #4 
Scrap Attack #4 back - love Ikea fabrics for the back
Isn't there just something so satisfying when you make a quilt from your scraps?  I just love the feeling of making a whole quilt with the left overs from other projects.  So nice.

I also finished a QOV that was sent to me from Marian.  What a great pattern she used.  I wanted to create motion in this so I had the feathers winding around the blocks.  I was in a feather mood!!

Now with all that done, here's what I am going to start on next weekend, so excited!!!


  1. They are just all so lovely and your quilting just makes them glow. I do like the boxed rectangle quilt and would love the tutorial once you post it up. In a feather mood - you are the master of feathers. You so deserve that special treat and what a WOW that one is. Share your progress.

  2. wonderfully outsitanding
    great shares
    yes your quilting enhances them all
    of course enjoy your own art!
    by making something for you!
    we always forget about us, saying it is enough to make giveaways
    but hey, does the cobbler fix his own shoes? nope-you deserve quilts and quilted homemade with love items
    great job

  3. Wow, very admireable... I am impressed that they are properly finished too, and not just to a flimsy stage which is what I would be tempted to do!! Well done, they are all gorgeous and you have surely earned your reward of a gorgeous new quilt to start.

  4. Lovely! Your quilting is just beautiful.

  5. Awesome work! The quilting is so amazing!

  6. Love Scrap No 1.....your so right about getting out of the comfort zone, sometimes the colours just fall into place. What a great treat to yourself, Common Bride looks stunning.

  7. Wonderful quilts! I especially like the first one. The feathers are beautiful!

  8. Every quilt looks amazing!!! Loving those feathers though!!! :-)

  9. Fabulous quilts and great quilting!

  10. I am so impressed you got these all from your scraps (with a little help from a friend.) My scraps are just so varied and I never have enough to make anything but scrap quilts that you need the whole kitchen sink to do. Your quilting on the QOV is fabulous! Nice job(s).

  11. All of these quilts are gorgeous. Great job! Love your feathers on the last quilt too! Very pretty.

  12. What a great bunch of scrap quilts. I especially love #4.

  13. And what beauties you made, Sue. Congrats!
    Angie in SoCal

  14. All fantastic. Love the QOV quilting.

  15. Wonderful quilting makes the great quilts even better. Good job!

  16. I like them all, but #3 is my fave.

  17. Visiting from Freemotion by the River. Wow, that must have been a huge pile of scrap fabric. Did you take before and after photos of all the scraps? I love the quilt #4, that pattern is so strong. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I love that you set yourself such a fun challenge with such a great reward at the end.

  18. Dropped by from Freemotion by the River, what a fabulous collection of quilts and the majority from scraps - amazing :)


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