Friday, July 19, 2013

Hexie Friday

Still haven't gotten the courage to start Common Bride.  But I was working on a few hexies and it occurred to me that Hexies are nothing but Y seams.  So why not just quickly baste the seam and then when I'm happy with how it looks, go back over with the machine.  The seam will already be marked, oh this just might be the the thing to get me started on it.  I'm getting closer.  Here's my hexie work for the week.  A few more white ones around the border and and all but two of the purple colors are ready to go.  Linking up with Angie for Hexie Friday


  1. Look at all those prepped hexies - wow! Looking fine. Thanks for linking to Hexie Friday.

  2. This is looking good...I love the layout and your color choices.

  3. Awesome! Love your pattern. I'm doing the same one. haha
    What size are your hexies? Mine are 1".


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