Friday, June 7, 2013

Whooping it up on Friday

I want to start a new project so badly.  See this one, Common Bride by Laundry Basket Quilts.  I saw this when I went to the quilt show at Shipshewana last year.  Oh you should have seen this one, my it was absolutely stunning!  Now it's definitely going to be a challenge and it's definitely going to take time, but I am so in love with this quilt.

However, I feel like my scraps are kinda taking over the sewing room and it's hard to find anything.  So I made a deal with myself.  If I can get 4 quilts out of the mountains of scraps (and seriously there are about 14 quilts that can be made with those scraps!) then I could start a new project.  So I got started and 10 fat quarters and 2 yards of fabric later, I had 2 quilt  tops and 2 backs all pieced from the scraps.  2 down, 2 to go.
 This first one is the baby quilt that I start last week.  I had the blue strings that I was going to add to easy street to make it king size.  But I got lazy :)  Now they make a baby quilt.  And the green strings, left over from Orca Bay.  Nice size baby quilt ended up at 40x45.  I used up the last of the green and blue strings along with some flannel scraps for the back.
Those peach and brown scraps literally came from a scrap bag that I won on a give away some time ago.  They were so pretty and just sitting on the table, I found 10 off white jelly roll strips and 10 fat quarters, along with that bag of scraps and here's quilt number 2.  I used the rest of the fat quarters, 2 yards of fabric from my stash and scraps of flannel for the back.  This one ended up a little on the tall and skinny side.  I should have added a couple more strips as most of the strips in the bag were about 30 inches not a full width of fabric.  The colors look much better in person :)

And then I decided that was a bit too easy.  I need to do something with these squares before I start another big project that isn't finished.  I'm stuck on the sashing.  I really wanted to do something curved, fancy and incredible, but hey I'll settle for done.  Any suggestions?  I may need to stare at them a bit longer.

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  1. The blue and green quilt looks like a diamond in the water. Very pretty baby quilt. It is so much fun make strip quilts. I would do something simple with the blocks. Probably a border with cornerstones. But thinking outside the box is hard for me. I will be watching to see what you do.

  2. I love that Laundry Basket quilt too, definitely one I want to make. But like you, have to clear out some of the other projects first. It's on my list though. Looking forward to seeing your progress on it.

  3. Good for you in slashing the stash of scraps! Maybe a storm at sea border will give that curve look?

  4. wow! you have a lot of great projects! I especially love the diamond quilt with the warm/cool colors. The layout is so pretty!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. Great projects! Congratulation on these two!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com

  6. Maybe a dark green or if you want curvy maybe a print fabric w/curves.

  7. Great projects, and beautiful quilting as always. I love the Laundry Basket quilt pattern! I call these type of projects my Forever projects as they usually take me about 2 yrs. (or more to finish) I work on forever projects between doing other quilts. I think they are a lot of fun! It will be fun to read about your new quilt and the progress you make on it. Lots of appliqué! and beautiful colors.

  8. That Laundry Basket quilt is a real beauty. I would love to see it in real life.... was it in batiks??
    Like you, I need to finish some projects and really put a dent in the fabric stash........ I just can't possibly start another project.....although I do like to take on a "long term project"..... this could be that project. Take care......

  9. Sue, I saw a curvy sashing design for a Tshirt quilt ages ago. See here: I have used the Creative Grids Split Seconds Quilt ruler to make curvy cuts in blocks. Could do something similar for this.

  10. I can't wait to see the Common Bride quilt when you get it finished. I have one similar that I would love to do but I have way too many UFO's. I've made a list but haven't been working on it


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