Friday, June 7, 2013


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

really you have to do this?  So how do people like Bloglovin?


  1. How much work was it to change over to Bloglovin?

  2. Okay but how does it work. I went to the site but didn't find much background on it. I've been getting the daily emails and I like them so far.

  3. I switched to bloglovin when Google Reader announced it was closing. I love it. It is so easy to add sites and the "large window" pictures are great. It is just like reading a magazine.
    Pat H, KS

  4. I, too, like bloglovin', but I do miss being able to search for a specific post.

  5. I like it too. Been on it for about 3 weeks. Very easy to move Google reader list of blogs to Bloglovin. Takes 5 minutes.


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