Sunday, April 7, 2013

DWM 4/8 - Well sort of and QOV quilted

Ok nothing new at all on the design wall but I do have a couple of exciting things. First take a look at this, I won the Double Wedding Ring book from a giveaway at Angie's - A Quilting Readers Garden  There's always something going on over there and if you like Applique, she's got an Applique Thursday linky party.  The first that I ever remember thinking, ahhhh, that's what a quilt it is, was a double wedding ring. I think I've been hooked ever since I saw that way back when I was in by early 20s.  I've wanted a double wedding ring of my own ever since.  Now I have no reason not to have one!! Thanks Angie!!

And my husband, such a great guy, is making me a sewing table.  No more pink foam.  I can't wait until he's done with it.

I also finished a QOV this week. This one came from Phyllis in Lawton, MI.  She did this quilt with a friend at an annual retreat and they were so excited to see the top complete, and for such a good cause, their whole quilt club in town took these on as our service project this year working individually or as small groups. Boy this one is a beauty.  I told my self no feathers on this one.  And I did good until I quilted the Eagle feathers, and thought, what wait a minute, feather are completely appropriate :) Someone ask time how I did the border and I took pictures so I can post later in the week.  

Do yo usee the spot I forgot to quilt?  I don't think I've ever gotten a quilt 100% done on the frame when it's custom quilt.  I always find a spot that I missed  not matter how hard I look!!


  1. Gorgeous quilt and gorgeous quilting!

  2. You will love your table!!Lucky you with the win - I hope you won some time as well - that's often another good excuse for getting these projects done :-) Fabulous quilting on the Eagle quilt and of course feathers are very appropriate! I like the triangles in the sashing and your use of pebbles. Lovely.

  3. Just beautiful! Hope to be able to do quilting like that some day!

  4. That table looks like it will be a beaut!

    When you are ready to make your DWR, know that there is a DWR group over at the Connecting Threads website that can provide inspiration and support.

    You'll find them here:

  5. That is one gorgeous quilting job Sue!!!

  6. Gorgeous job on the QOV, Sue - how could you NOT do feathers on that feathered Eagle?! And the hubs is doing great as well on that sewing table, in fact - he's given me a great idea for one of my own using leftovers from my walnut floor we just laid. Please tell him Thanks and to you for posting the pic!

    Happy Quilting,


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