Saturday, June 16, 2012


Drunken Feathers Pantograph by Barbara Becker / Four Paws Quilting FRPPANTO200

Boy long work day yesterday, but working from home so I saved the commute time again, LOVE when that happens.  And what did I do with that extra time, hmmm, quilted of course :)

I received 2 quilts for QOV to quilt this month.  The first one was done by Flossie who's 97 years old.  Is that amazing or what???? Wow, if I'm quilting then and I don't purchase any more fabric, I just might be able to use my stash up by then.  Seriously Flossie is so inspiring.  

I used a new pantograph which I just LOVE.  It's drunken feathers Barbara Becker - this one was so easy for me  to do and I usually have a hard time with pantos - could it be that I'm getting better at them???

Here's her beauty 

 Stop by and see what others are did for FNSI - 

Handmade by Heidi


  1. That is a great panto! Love the texture it gave the quilt! I think I may need that one too,...

  2. Sue, your blog header of your quilts is beautiful.

  3. Yay Flossie! What an inspiration. I grew up in a small town with a lady named Flossie and she was a quilter. Kudos for quilting for Quilts of Valor!!

  4. Your pantograph quilting is beautiful. I love the design. Thank you for quilting for Quilts of Valor. And Flossies quilt is wonderful!

  5. What a thought - still quilting at 97!!! It renews my hope of using my stadium-sized acreage of scraps.
    Love that drunken feather pantograph - very pretty.

  6. Wow, that panto is gorgeous! I hope I'm still quilting at 97. What a beautiful quilt she made!

  7. Visiting from FNSI and have to say I love your quilting. Need to practise some fmq one day soon


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