Friday, December 23, 2011

Orca Bay progress Step 6 and Holiday Greetings!

It was like Christmas here today.  Look at what I got in the mail from QUTI (Quilting Under the Influence).  A wonderful bag with logo, an adorable hat with logo, 4 gorgeous fat quarters and some yummy tea.  Thanks so much to Linda for a great give away!!  I LOVE the hat!!

And there was more for goodness sakes.  I got this incredible fabric pack from Jennifer at Gable House Sewing  I love Kate Spain fabrics, the Fa La La La fabric is way too cute. 

Thanks so much to both Jennifer and Linda.  Getting those wonderful gifts in the mail energized me and I actually got a little sewing done (I mean really little) but it's something :)

If you are working on Orca Bay, you got an early surprise on Thursday, clue 6 was up!!  Dang, I was planning on spending Thursday getting clue 5 done.  But when I saw those adorable blocks I skipped right over poor neglected step 5 and raced on over to step 6.  I have 5 of each block together, but percentage wise, it's more than what I have done for step 5.  Well there's always next Monday.  I love purple and green together. I hope we are done with purple (Bonnie's black) cuz I'm fresh out of purple. 

We have a new resident at our house :)  I'd like to introduce April, she's a pretty big girl and I just love her.  I've been trying to get to know her over the past few days and my stitches are starting to resemble quilting, but I think I have a couple more weeks ahead of me before I try a real quilt. 

Here she is with a shot of my practice stitching.  When I"m sewing closer to my body it's a lot better, the further away from my body I go the boxier the shapes get.  It all takes time.  I'm having fun passing the time with April.

Linking up with Sarah to see what everyone is Whooping about the Friday before Christmas.

I'd like to wish you all a peaceful, joy filled holiday season in what ever way you celebrate.  Happy Holidays!!


  1. Oh, Sue, I'm so jealous! April is gorgeous!! I know you're going to love getting to know her well! Your Orca Bay is coming along very nicely, too! Whoop whoop and merry Christmas!!

  2. Looking good! I remember being full of Joy! the day it all clicked and my spirals became round instead of squished cinnamon rolls! They say it takes about a 1,000 hrs to teach one of these machines to quilt!
    Merry Christmas.


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