Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm soooo excited

April and I are bonding!!  I finished on practice piece yesterday.  It took me four days to finish that and each day I saw progress (which was good cuz the first day was really bad!!).  Once that was finished I loaded a practice piece that I had started when I was working on the french braid quilt.  I started a practice table runner for the feathers.   I never finished it.  Well I didn't finish it until today!  And I think it's very difficult to tell which part I did on my DSM vs April.  Which I am pleased as punch about!! 

I did free form feathers, marking the veins. There was a border around the entire thing just like the diagonal strips that you see.  But I got a little carried away trimming it and well, there is no outer border any longer.  Hey it was a practice piece after all :)

Now there are certainly mistakes throughout the entire piece and those will improve with time.  Now I think I'm going to put fair and square on there and see how I do with that one. 


  1. Well, we've lost Sue!! LOL!! I know you hate when I tell you - less is more sometimes. Have fun with your 'bonding' - just so jealous!!

  2. Wow! Looking really great. Your feathers are awesome.

  3. You're a natural! Looks great already!!

  4. Glad you are having fun! Seems like you know what you are doing already!


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