Sunday, May 22, 2011

H2H top is done and dreaming of feathers

I finally finished the H2H top.  I"m pretty happy with it.  I just have to piece the back.  I think I have enough of the colors left to do a large urban cabin for the back.  I just don't want to use white on the back so I'm trying to find a different color other than white.  Any suggestions?  I think I'm going to quilt large pebbles in the white space and maybe just stitch in the ditch on the cabins.  Maybe some twirly ferns on the border.  I'm really into the FMQ at the moment and need to take advantage while I'm in the mood!

And I finished the border on the batik braid quilt.  I've been drawing some designs out for the large purple triangle areas.  I just got the DVD set from Kim Brunner - "Twirly Whirly Feathers".  Oh it was wonderful!!  If you want to do free form feathers, I highly recommend this one.  

Here's a few designs that I'm been playing with today.  the last one is my favorite.  I'm just really amazed that I could even draw these out.  This is my last feather practice quilt before the Baltimore Album.  I've cleared my "in progress list" to only two - the Baltimore Album and the wedding quilt.  The happy couple have not yet set a date, so I don't feel much pressure on that one.  But  the Baltimore Album is the last one on my list for PhD challenge which is closing the end of June.  I can do it I know I can!!

So which of the feather designs do you think for the batik braid quilt?  I"m think the feathers in the corners and then McTavishing between the braids and around the feathers.  Not really sure how to quilt the braids and the border.  I want those to be the same design.  Maybe some fern like feathers there, hmmm a little stumped on that part.  But I still have to piece the back so I have a little time.

Don't forget to stop by Judy's to see what is on everyones design wall this Monday, so much inspiration!

And Esther started a WOW (WIP on Wed).  She always has something amazing going on over there, stop by and see what everyone else is doing).


  1. OH you H2H quilt came out so beautiful! And look at those feathers planned for the braid quilt, more than I could master.

  2. Totally in awe of your feathers!

  3. Wow on the feathers. Now as to which one I like best? All of them. However, the free spirit in me says go with the bottom one.

  4. Your H2H is wonderful. I think the stones in the white space will be perfect.

  5. Love how the H2H quilt turned out. As for the feathers, I really like the 3rd one--it's not so formal looking. But all three are wonderful.

  6. H2H is looking good! Maybe a gray print if you don't want white?

    Wow, amazing sketches. I have never done any feathers yet. These look quite advanced!

  7. Your sketches are amazing! Can't wait to see what you do!

  8. Beautiful, and I love all the feathers. Tough choice!

  9. Wow I am Jealous of those feathers, because I can't do that.
    Hugs Bunny


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