Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun with EQ7

The FMQ challenge has created a monster.  I just can't stop.  I have all my projects for FMQ done, and really felt the need to get another one to practice more.  I had the blocks from a leaders and enders project ready to go, so now I just need to get the back done.  This is boxes in boxes with the left over scraps from my Irish Stars quilt.

I had the block in EQ and tried the Kaleidescope feature and just loved the what came out!!  

I did the same thing with the H2H quilt.  Here's the original and then three of clip and flip version - what fun!!  One block and the wonderful changes that can be done so quickly!!

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  1. I bought myself EQ7 for my birthday - but won't be loading it or playing with it until after the May for Me - I may just have a lot of questions.


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