Saturday, April 9, 2011

new sewing table

Not a lot of sewing this week.  But I did want to share my new sewing table.  Here's my work surface before.  It's actually made for my Pfaff, but I've got it on the Bernina now.  This is what I've used to do all my machine quilting for years.  It's been wonderful.  But then I saw how to make a cheap sewing table   Sent my wonderful husband to the home improvement store after we watched it.  He was very excited, he loves doing things in my sewing room.  And the fact that I just finished a quilt for him that he loves, was even more motivation for him!!.

And here's what he came up with.    Oh my goodness so much space, I absolutely love it and I love the price of it!!  The foam insulation was very cheap at local home improvement store and the vinyl on the top from Walmart was next to nothing.  The fabric just glides right over the vinyl, amazing.  I did cover the foam with a bright and cheery fabric.  I can't believe how much of that I have.  But now, my ironing board and sewing table match.  Oh and as an added bonus, the table is actually larger. The foam hangs over the edge about 6 inches on two sides, so bigger table to hold those big quilts, woohoo!!!

Here's a picture of the end so you get a feel for how it was put together (in case you didn't see the video). I needed 3 different sheets of foam to get to the correct height for my machine.  You just cut out for your machine, then cut the vinyl to fit your machine and 30 minutes later, you have a wonderful new sewing table.  I was able to adjust the height of my chair to be raised a couple of inches so it's not uncomfortable for me.  If I would have been able to do that, Tom would have cut off a couple of inches of the legs of the table.  But so far so good.  The only problem I have seen so far is with fleece.   The fleece does not glide on the vinyl.  I did not have any problems with flannel or cotton, so I am pleased as punch!

Ah and there is the sewing.  I have my new leaders and enders project lined up.  I"m going to do  Bonnie Hunters Fair and Square from her new book.  I have some really ugly fabrics that I want to use up and that calls for string blocks and 1.5 inch squares.  I've heard if  you cut the ugly ones up small enough their inner beauty shines.  I'm going to put that one to the test!

Don't forget to stop by Sarah's and see what everyone is Whooping about.  And check out her helping hands challenge, sign up starts tomorrow.


  1. How lovely for you to have a husband who loves doing things in your sewing room. Do you lend him out? ha ha

  2. Your new quilting table looks great. Your husband sounds like a gem.

  3. Your new sewing table is awesome!! Whoop whoop!!! And thanks for giving a shout out for the Hands2Help Challenge!!

  4. Sue,
    Love the idea! Not terribly expensive but very, very effective!
    Anna in IL


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