Friday, January 20, 2023

A feather for you and a feather for you and a few other things.

 Oh 2023 has gotten off to a great start!  3 quilts on and off the frame.  I am in such a quilting groove right now.  And I have two more to finish by the middle of Feb so, I do hope the quilting Gods stay with me just a wee bit longer.  Want to see what I've been working on?   So many beautiful and different things.  This is the part where I feel very lucky to be a longarm quilter. I love the quilting part, the final icing on the cake.  I get to work on so many beautiful and creative pieces that I never in my wildest dreams would ever make.  But yet with the grace of the Quilting Gods above they cross my longarm and I feel ever so grateful to be a small part of these beauties....Ok so are you ready to see????

First up is Kim's New York Beauties, The stars are silk and the background is aboriginal fabrics.  I did a simple design in the middle of the stars, I wanted the silk to just shine through.  On the background I literally used the prints for the dense background quilting, quilting on the lines and then added the border.  I tried to pull some elements from the fabrics for the last border, but I think that silk, anything quilted on that would look amazing.

Next up was the first art quilt that I've quilted.  Kathleen's water lily pattern by Sandra Mollen.  I am so in love with this, I really need my own!!  Isn't that the hardest  part about being a longarm quilter? You want one of everything that goes on the frame! Hmmmm can't remember the last time I quilted on of my own....oh wait it was an edge to edge :)  Yes I digress here.  One day I will have my own quilt with some fancy stitching but in the mean Kathleen gets hers.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous, I have never quilted an art quilt before and I did love how Sandra Mollen quilted hers so I took that as inspiration.  This is all free motion, two layers of batting, quilters dream wool over dream orient. The fabrics everything, just in love with this

And finally a sampler quilt for Annemarie. The pattern is Portage Lake.  Is there such thing as too many feathers?  Oh I think not!  She likes feathers, I like feathers, there are lots of feathers.  One person commented there are feathers everywhere except on the Bird, lol!!  Samplers are fun and it's like a new quilt with every turn of the frame and this was no exception. This has two layers of batting as well, background quilting with 60 wt glide thread, the rest with 40 wt glide thread and too many rulers to mention!  Lot of free motion, lots of rulers, lots of fun.

Check out the linky parts on the side bar for inspiration!  So much out there.


  1. Your ruler work is spectacular whether in a border or on the sampler. No, you can't have too many feathers. :)

  2. Exquisite quilting! Thanks for joining TGIFF.

  3. Hi Sue, I love the stitching that you did on the art quilt. Stunning :-)


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