Monday, October 3, 2022

I'm back and Country Jane is with me!

 Did ya miss me?  Oh my, it's been so long since I've had a stomach flu.  I think as you get older it may take a little longer to get through things or maybe we're just getting around all those germs again but it took me 4 days to get over that stomach virus.  Daytime TV is the worst and I'm hoping I don't have to watch any for a very long time!!  But I'm back to feeling human again and Country Jane, which is Country Quilters of McHenry's 2023 Opportunity quilt, is on the frame!!!!  Oh there is some work to do on her.  30 different quilters made the blocks of all different skill levels.  So fun to have so much participation in the block creation.  Now the best part, the quilting.  I used EQ8 layer 2 to create the templates for the scallops (the third pic), the outside line is the cut line and in the inside line is the sew line.   Someone with more skills than me is going to create the binding and sew it on.  But I can't wait.  If it turns out to be too hard or we just can't get it for whatever reason, you know, things happen....I have enough room to cut so she has a straight binding. Phew, plan A and  plan B.  One of them will definitely work.

So far I have almost 4 of 15 rows done.  If I can get 3 rows done today (I've never done this but I'm feeling better everyday, so it could happen and hoping the quilting Gods will be with me) then she'll be more than half way done, yea!!!!

the rulers aren't too bad, but for some reason I have 3 little snips and 3 seam rippers that are always on there.....always something new

Remember my crazy mess of design wall from last week, well here's one of the creation that came from that mess, this is Modern Millie and she'll be part of the opportunity quilt raffle as well as an amazing embroidered coral reef bag.   You're gonna want to be part of this!  Tickets will be coming by Oct 27!!  Just let me know if you would like some and we can get you hooked up!

Modern Millie - she's made with some yummy cottonwood fabrics, silks, silk velvet and a shot cotton. She's on her way to get her quilting done today, she's gonna look so good!  It really is square, I'm just not the best photographer....

And this bag made by Kim Berry Rogers - wow, she has made a work of art, the colors the textures, all of it so amazing.  I can't wait to get some better pictures of this one. 

All three will be part of our raffle coming soon!!  Better pictures coming soon too!  This is just a little tease.

Hope you had a great week and will have the best quilty week for the first week in Oct. I just love the late season hydrangeas - they really say hello fall so wonderfully!!

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  1. Wow, Country Jane is a beauty! I love how your quilting make her pop, these blocks are really pretty. Great improv quilt too, and the bag is so cute!
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up ;)

  2. Glad are feeling better. You are racking up the hours with Country Jane's gorgeous quilting!


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