Saturday, June 15, 2019

Introducing 2 of the Caregivers

I'd like to introduce two of the caregivers from our Helping Hands 2019 quilt drive.  Caregivers are those that care and often time put the needs of others ahead of their own.   They are driven to insure that others are comforted, loved and their needs are met.  They do this without expectation of reward or recognition. They simply can't themselves, it's just how they are with every fiber of their being.  Even caregivers need some care and that's what Helping Hands is about, trying to provide a little self-care when they need it.  I hope each of the caregivers will wrap themselves in the quilt when needed and feel all the love and care that was stitched into each of the quilts.  This year we made 11 (I snuck in one more for a very special care giver).  I'll be introducing them over the weeks to come.  Here's two for this week.
Jodi nominated Bev

The first is Bev, Jodi's sister.  Jodi joined our group this year and she really livened things up.  The things she does with prints and color are just amazing.  She's making me rethinking a number of fabrics in my stash.  We are so glad to have her!  She nominated her sister,  Her sister works in an environment that is demanding and yet she insures those that don't get visitors as often or need a little more care and attention get what they need going above and beyond as those with a true caring heart can only do!  Here's what Jodi had to say "...Over the years, hearing what Bev has experienced in her job, I've marveled that my very sensitive "little sis" could continue to do what she does in a relatively thankless profession. When you put out the call for caregivers, I couldn't stop thinking of my sister, Bev. I was thrilled that she understood the spirit of the gift."  As you can see in this quilt, Jodi's bright shining personality shined through.  I'm so glad they both chose this one for her quilt.  

The next is a nomination from Roseanne.  She nominated Jeanette.  Here's what Roseanne had to say "...she is 85 years old and has been a caregiver her entire life.  Recently she lost her daughter, then her son a few months later.  One had a 10 year-long battle with cancer, the other was a quadriplegic.  Now that they are both gone, she takes care of her two great-grandchildren.  One is 20 months old and the other is 4 months.  She is always the person that if you need help, she will be right there with a dish in case you're hungry or to help if she is able.  She has her own health issues but tries to go swimming each morning to walk in the pool for leg strengthening.  That's the short version - I have her over for coffee every weekend if she is able to come.  We share a cuppa, maybe a cookie or two if I have any, and chat.  Usually in the mornings and sometimes we watch the Food Channel for ideas.  Jeanette was thrilled to get her quilt.  She uses a quilt every day and this is the perfect size for her.  Thanks Roseanne for nominating Jeanette.  Oh and look at that beautiful quilt on the back of Jeanette's chair!!

Roseanne nominated Jeanette
Next week I'll share the story of two more.  The world is definitely a better place because of these caregivers.  

Happy Fathers' Day to all the dads out there!!

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  1. Thank you again so much, Sue and friends. Jeanette told me this morning that she was wrapped in your love last night for the first time, and will be back in it today. Even when it is warm during the summer, she is chilly in the A/C. We both appreciate it so much, and I loved giving something back to my favorite caregiver. ~smile~ Roseanne


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