Monday, April 29, 2019

Becky's bright feathered beauty!

I don't think I ever properly shared Becky's big beautiful quilt.  I think I may have shared on Facebook and Instagram.  I try to add more details and mores pics here on the blog.  I just love this quilt, it's big, it's bright it's overflowing with feathers in a bed of wool and cotton.  It's just lucious!
hobbs 80/20 on bottom, wool on top
So  Fine thread top and bottom 

solid white backing - again adds to the lusciousness of this beauty

Quilted pinapple curve on top - 20 I think

Circle 2 ruler on the border - 8 I think 
Simple repetitive ruler work on this this one creating overlapping circles on each square, half in echo only in the white areas give it a different feel doesn't it? Along the seam, the feathers are only on the white side not the printed fabric, I think this gives real dimension to the quilt.  It took Becky and I a few tries back forth to get this point, the collaboration made it better than either of us would have done individually.  In the the border I wanted to bring a similar design but each border was too small, so I treated all three fabrics as one and it worked perfectly.  Finishing off with bead board.  I was just completely smitten by this one.  Great Quilt Becky, thanks for letting me quilt for you!

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  1. Lots of yummy texture in this one! Is it extra heavy with double batting?

  2. Oh My!! This is stunning! Your quilting just takes my breath away and makes any quilt a masterpiece. Just gorgeous.

  3. You are a MASTER!!! It is gorgeous!!!

  4. Your quilting is just amazing! It certainly adds to this quilt's beauty. Awesome job!

  5. Wow fabulous and beautiful! I want it.

  6. Hi Sue! It's amazing to me that skipping the quilting on the half section really looks cool. It tricks the eye a bit, too, doesn't it or is it just me. Very beautiful. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Hi Sue, that's a really amazing quilt. You should be smitten!

  8. Such beautiful texture! This would be a hard quilt to not reach out and touch.

  9. Wow! Wonderful quilting on a beautiful quilt!

  10. Hello Sue,

    This quilt is fabulous - I'm sure Becky is thrilled with it. The piecing is lovely, the colours work so well together, and the quilting is just perfect.

    Thank you for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks - Becky's quilt is this week's featured project!

    Love, Muv


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