Monday, December 3, 2018

Chicken game of thread again, hope I win this time

It's always more fun when you win.  Yeah yeah, its about playing the game and losing isn't always a bummer if you play well.  But Winning, hey, come on you have to admit, it's more fun when you win.  In this case I have 2 rows and bead board border to complete on Becky's quilt.  I was hoping to get 2 cones of thread on Friday.  But wasn't sure they would get here until Saturday.  So I paid a little extra to get at least one cone by Friday. Glad I did cuz the other cones are not here yet and its MONDAY!! :o  .  I'm so close to being done with Becky's quilt, I just really really need that last cone of thread to last and I need the mail truck to get here really early!  I think what I have left will get a full row, maybe, please maybe.  but definitely not two. It takes 3 bobbins per row.  Well, I'm going to sew until I'm out of this color and then finish with the other two and I'll get the new quilt in line set up on machine 2.    I can't wait to see this one off the frame.  I hope it looks as good as I want  it to.
So darn close.  Each row take about 4 hours to complete (including breaks)  I can get it all done today of the mail truck comes early !!!!  Lke a little kid waiting for the mail. 
 Just a couple of fun facts for this quilt so far - it will have over 7500 yds of thread on it by the time I'm done - yes two full cones of So Fine Thread, plus 3 partials.  Over 4 miles of thread so wonderfully places on the 105 x 120 quilt.  Right now the quilt 440, 265,000 stitches in it.  Holy smokes!!! that's a few stitches eh??

A few people have asked about the double batting and how that works.  When I was advancing I took a few pics of how I do this, hopefully this will make sense, it takes a little extra time, but so worth it.  The A1 the quilt bar (I know it has a technical's the one you load the quilt on) has a lift.  After advancing the the quilt and before any basting is done you put the bar up, and insure the layers of batting are smooth and thread free.   First I'll check the bottom layer, flipping the top layer over the quilt.  Then I'll flip the wool on top of the bottom layer and make sure it's smooth and where it needs to be.  Then before I put the bar down, I'll take a look at the quilt underneath and make sure there are none of those stray dark threads on any of the white triangles.  Once happy all is where it should be, I'll put the quilt down and start basting and quilting the top.  This is a feature on my A1 and not the APQS Mille.  For the millie I would go through the same steps, well without that bar lift :)  I would flip the top batting over the quilt and make sure it was flat and where I want it to be.  I usually give a good tug on each end of the batting before smoothing.  Then Flip down top layer, do the same thing.   Watch for those unruly threads as you roll the quilt.
first smooth the bottom layer

Then get the top layer all smooth and cozy
Check for naughty threads being in places they shouldn't be
All threads under control 
I did get a little time in on Bonnie's Good Fortune quilt (see the link on the sidebar).  hmmm can mobile users see the sidebar links ?  I think I tried this and didn't see them.   If you're on a mobile sorry, you'll have view the full page, not the mobile sight to get the links ( and there are some pretty good links, it definitely worth checking out).  I'll fix that next week.  Oh where was I, I get distracted so easily!!  Yes, good fortune....part 1 I have in 3 different stages - waiting to be sewn, waiting to be pressed, and done.  Part 2, well, it just made it to the cutting table, but it is on the table.  I saw someone on the facebook site using a sweater drier for the fabric, that was brilliant!!!  I had mine ready in no time flat, love it.

Part on waiting to be sewn
Part 1 waiting to be pressed
Part 1 all ready and waiting
Part 2 waiting to be cut
And this is how a quilt is born.  Love the idea of clothes line to hold the fabric
I also put together a few blocks for the quilt guild..  4 floating stars for the raffle quilt and lotto blocks - Ho Ho.  I've never entered the lotto for blocks and I adore these! 

Floating Stars for Quilt Guild raffle quilt
Raffle Blocsk - Oh I hope I win!!
Next time we talk I'll have Becky's quilt all finished, with lots of pictures.  I'm going to compare my apqs to my A1 as well, now that Ive used the machine.  Anyone interested in that?  If not and there are other topics you want to discuss on long arm quilting let me know.  Collectively we have so much to offer!

Have a great week and don't forget to check out the linky parties on the side bar, so much inspiration out there...


  1. My brother recommended I may like this blog. He used to be totally
    right. This put up actually made my day. You cann't believe just how
    a lot time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  2. Love your clothes' rack idea. I think I'll pick up one of those!

  3. Thanks for the information on the A1 feature that is not on the Millie. That sounds like a great feature. I have an APQS Lucey. I love your process posts about long arm quilting.

  4. Thank you so much for showing and explaining how you do the double batting! I hope you win your game of Thread Chicken. :-) Can I ask how you came to have two longarm machines, different brands? Do you use them for different types of quilting, and which do you prefer if you could only have one? A-1 is a brand that I had to rule out because there wasn't a dealer anywhere near me and I wasn't able to try one.

  5. Hi Sue! WOWEE! That is a LOT of thread to use on one quilt. Holy moly. I hope the mail truck brought you the needed thread by now. That is a fabulous idea, using the clothes holder for fabric. I've never seen that idea but it is brilliant to keep all of one project together and wrinkle-free. Happy Happy Wednesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Lots of great information here...and some beautiful quilt tops too! I haven't started Good Fortune yet...but I am printing the clues!


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