Sunday, March 4, 2018

March Madness

Nothing of my own to show as I'm sewing on the binding by hand all by myself.  Ok I tried to be a big girl and just get that binding done on Old Friends.  I watched 4 movies yesterday (I'm not a movie fan, but thanks to Amazon I do believe I'm ready for the Oscar's now) and only one side is done!!!  One whole day and only 25% done.  Well ok, so I can't really sit still for that long so there may have a little of this or that during those 4 movies.  I ended up using a ladder stitch on the binding, the only way I could do it without it looking like my grandson did it :)  If I would have used a 2.25 in binding rather than 2.5 I think I may have gotten away with machine stitching to the back. But the 2.5 in left too much past the stitch line.  More stitching tonight.    But if I get far enough then I can get started on this beauty - this is Janice's quilt, Old Mill Girls BOM- the colors on this quilt is so amazing.

Oh I have a new addition to the family - I'd like to introduce my newest baby, Bea. I just love her.

Happy quilting everyone!!


  1. Bea is beautiful! Such a great color, and one I haven't seen on a machine before. Sometimes I can stitch binding quickly, other times not so much. Hang in there - you'll finish it soon! :) Looking forward to seeing the wonderful quilting you'll do on Janice's quilt.

  2. I'm in love with your new baby!! That still my heart!! I have never sewn a binding on by machine before...theres something about hand stitching that makes me happy!

  3. I love your machine, so cute.

    I've wondered whether to mention it, but the second block up from the bottom has a four patch in the wrong way.


    1. I want to add that the border on the quilt is blow my socks off gorgeous.


  4. Just LOOK at that cute little Featherweight! She's adorable! Where did you get her?

  5. Oh girlfriend your new baby is gorgeous!
    Oh and, I'd recut binding strips before I'd do any hand sewing. lol Totally worth the recut. :)
    ~ Christina in SW FL

  6. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Bea is stunning, I hope she has been a wonderful addition to your family! Her color is gorgous!


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