Sunday, August 2, 2015

Storming through the Black Sea

I just about shut out the world completely on Sunday.  This sweet little guys spent the weekend for his Aunt's (daughter #3) birthday.  What fun we had.   He gave us a special delivery right from the garden to the kitchen.  Local Brews, Blues and BBQ was so awesome with this guy,  he loves the music.
We picked some veggies from the garden, special delivery!!
Daughter #3 Birthday, isn't that an adorable cake??
Enjoying some Blues music in the park
But Sunday after they all left, I went and locked my self in the sewing studio.  I think that when I sew I'm able to process all the things that I need to process in the background and get everything where it needed to be.  I spent 6 hours sewing, how wonderful is that????  I even got 4 loads of laundry done while I was sewing (that part of the world just couldn't be shut out any longer ;)  It was like a mad storm going through that black sea.  Only 1.5 borders to go.  I ran out of material and time.  All the blocks are done so when the material shows up later this week we can get this baby together.  I'm so anxious to start quilting this one!  All the background processing done and now I can look at the world in a whole new way.
Black sea - currently at 96 x 108, 1.5 borders to go, will finish at 120x120
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I also got all the 9 patch blocks done for Old Friends BOM and my Irish chain.  Pretty excited about that, I didn't think those blocks were ever going to end!! Here's my stacks of blocks, all just waiting patiently for our next sewing day
stacks of blocks just waiting
I finished a fun quilt on Friday, here's a sneak peak. Yep that's right, Elvis - seriously how fun is that?  Wait until you see the rest of this one.  I'll be shipping this one back to Nancy this week.

Check out the linky parties on the sidebar - something to inspire you every single day of the week!!  Have a great week and Happy August!


  1. love that quilt Sue - the colors and the white background are terrific -

  2. I can hardly wait to see how you quilt your Aegean Sea quilt, I've enjoyed watching your progress on this quilt. Your black and white version is so stunning!

  3. Cute delivery of the vegetables! I like the black white & grey quilt. The Elvis quilting is intriguing.

  4. Wow, you've been in a piecing frenzy! The Black Sea design is new to me -- I really like it. I'll need to look up Old Friends BOM . . . one post leads to another search!

  5. You get so much done. LOVE the Black sea. It looks like it is a real challenge to get it together correctly. Looking forward to the Elvis reveal! How cute is your little one with his vegetable truck! Fun times at your house.

  6. Love your Black Sea. Are those 2.5" strips? I did a similar block in Dizzy. Her piecing technique was interesting.

  7. Black Sea is beautiful. Isn't amazing how much better you feel after spending time playing with fabric. I'd have quite a therapy bill if I didn't sew.

  8. Black Sea is awesome. The size is daunting. Can't wait to see the front of the Elvis quilt. He was one of my favorite singers back in the day.

  9. Your black sea quilt is amazing! Absolutely love it.

  10. That black sea is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up.


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