Sunday, February 8, 2015

Design Frame Monday

Nothing new on the design wall this Monday.  But I did get in a finish, a real finish.   Here's the scrappy tumblers.  I used a new pantograph, Fern by Patricia Ritter.  It was fast, easy and has that feathery feel, what's not to love about that.  Batting is Hobbs Polydown, glide thread on top and magna glide thread on the bottom.  I'm so excited to have a quilt with a pantograph, I don't know why but I do love them!
Scrappy Tumblers - Poly down batting, glide thread on top
Pantograph - Fern by Patricia Ritter

love the texture

the back is as crazy as the front
And in the exact opposite direction from a pantograph, I have shining star on the frame.  Even though the pictures show a nice difference between the light and dark, it is a bit subtle.  So I want to differentiate the light from the dark in quilting.  The light is gong to have the strong straight lines, ya this is going to take a while.  I have to mark and use a ruler.  I think it actually takes longer to mark than it does to quilt!!  The darker colors are going to have some sort of feathers (surprised right?).  Actually I did three blocks with the lines and was trying to take it out.  But I have two layers of batting, wool and 80/20 blend and I just had such a hard time getting those stitches out that I gave up and just went with the lines!!  I like them better now that I've done a couple of rows.  Still thinking about the feathers, I've got some time to think about it.  I've gotten 4/13 rows done with the ruler work on the light colors.
Shining Star
This is gonna take a while....
Stop by all the linky parties to see what's going on out there, plenty of inspiration all over.  


  1. Beautiful work! I like the lines!

  2. Your Kaffe tumbler quilt is wonderful!! I love everything about it. I can't wait to see your progress on your Shining Star. So far, so beautiful!

  3. Congrats on a tumbler finish! Liking what I see for quilting on your big one :-) I have been wondering about wool and hobbs 80/20 together in a bed quilt, will it still be soft enough for actual use and not just for show on the bed and then remove when you go to sleep? Can ya tell I am a bit chicken to try it, LOL

  4. Beautiful work, Sue. That ruler work is so intriguing - looks so precise and striking. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the bright freshness of your Tumbler quilt! The ruler work on the Shining Star quilt is fabulous - very Angela Walters style!!!! Would love to know what brand and model of longarm you're using - I'm nearly ready to purchase one and love getting feedback from others.

  6. Both quilts are wonderful. I like the bright fabrics you have used. The quilting is great!

  7. You do beautiful work! Just lovely!

  8. Your tumbler quilt is just gorgeous, and the Kaffe Fassett fabric on the back is perfect. I am so impressed with your quilting skills.


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