Sunday, September 7, 2014

100 Quilts for kids progress

Here's the totals this week - the first two lines are really the only ones that matter - 3 more weekends to go! Thanks Arlene for the help!
  • Pillowcases ready to go 13 (+3) - for Conker Cancer 
  • Quilts ready to go (3) (+2) - for Project Linus
  • Pillowcases cut and ready to sew (8)
  • Quilts ready to be quilted (3)
  • Quilts cut and ready to sew (2)
3 more pillow cases for Conker Cancer
Big Star Baby Quilt
Charm Pack Cherry with Slate background fabric
Charm Pack Cherry - Glide thread on top, magna glide in the bobbin, hobbs 80/20 batting, celtic maze pantograph, flannel on the back
Charm Pack Cherry no background fabric

Glide thread on top, magna glide in the bobbin, hobbs 80/20 batting, Dazzle pantograph flannel backing 

I had a helper this weekend, what fun!!
These quilts are a nice size, 52x 62 so hopefully big enough and appealing to the bigger kids in need.  The pattern for the quilts is Charm Pack Cherry - Fatquarter shop free pattern Don't they both look so different.  I used a background fabric in one, the other just random colors everywhere.  I think I like it better without the background fabric.   The star quilt went together so quickly Big Star Baby Quilt Pattern.  3 more weeks to go  - if I can get this all done, there will be 8 quilts and 21 pillowcases - nice!!

Don't forget to check out the linky parties on the sidebar, that's how I found out about these awesome quilts! 


  1. Wonderful rewarding projects, way to go Sue! Thanks for the links to those patterns.

  2. Your contributions to charity are always in abundance and wonderful.

  3. The Charm Pack Cherry pattern quilts are so different but each are super cute!

  4. Way to go! Those quilts and pillows are going to be loved by all those who receive them.

  5. Those Charm Pack Cherry quilts are so pretty! I think I like the one without a background better, too.

  6. I really love the colors .. but the quilting pattern is just adorable!

  7. You are a regular dynamo Sue! Those quilts are super cute too and somebody is going to love receiving each one!

  8. Wow, your work rate is fantastic. I like both these quilts though I marginally prefer the one without the background. I'm sure whoever gets these will love them.

  9. Wow. That is one great list. Yeah for you.

  10. Such beautiful quilts and the pillow cases are pretty, too! Love that Dazzle pantograph. What wonderful texture!

  11. Very nice. You pictures are nice to. Wish I could get mine that nice! I love the blues!

  12. Beautiful charity gifts. Colorful and happy.

  13. What beautiful work, Sue! Love, love, love that Big star and how the colours pop against the grey in your Charm Pack Cherry quilt!


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