Sunday, August 3, 2014

DWM - 8/3 - August already??

Where has the time gone?  School  is starting here in just over 2 weeks, goodness.   This week I have a finish, a baby tumbler quilt.  I love this fabric bundle, I have colors for a girl as well. These were on sale at the fat quarter shop, techno color by Emily Herrick, one of their flash sales and I grab two bundles.  I'm make 4 tumbler quilt, two for the shop and two for 100 quilts for kids (see the button on the side bar) and enough for another HST quilt too.  I'm gonna miss this fabric when it's gone.  This has a poly batting, extra one that I found in the closet, kinda feels like it might be a left piece of dream puff, or maybe poly down.  Permo Soft thread on top bottom line in the bobbin.  Panto is celtic maze.  Fast and easy.  

Techno Color Tumber - Boy

Techo Color Tumber - pantograph is Celtic Maze
Techno Color Tumber - Back 
And a couple more of my disappearing hour glass. these are definitely not fast, but great for using up that flannel that I have.  It's gonna be a pretty cozy quilt when it's done.
Disappearing Hour Glass 
I started quilting Lorisquarepants.  I must have quilted close to 8 hours and I"m just barely over 20% done.  There's no way I can finish by this weekend.  Summer has just been too much fun.    I feel like I'm getting further and further behind, maybe I need a snow day :)  Maybe I'll try harder to catch up.  I thought I would show a little about how I do marking. Even though I have a long and a ruler, I still like to mark.  First I make the registration marks.  I almost always use the disappearing purple marking pen.  If I have to mark before or need it stay on longer I'll use the blue marker that disappears with water.  Always test your fabric first.  In this case I have marks 1.5 inches from the top of the point and in the centers of the square diamond sides.
registration marks
Then I'll line up the ruler on the registration marks and mark the first line

First Line
 Then I'll mark the second line using the 1/4 in mark on the ruler.
lining up the 1/4 in mark for the second line
The second line
Keep going all the way around.

All lines completed
Quilting completed.
The quilting isn't perfect, but when you see it as a whole quilt, you won't notice that at all.  It's not going to win any ribbons, but I think the recipient will be pleased.  Well if I ever get it done ;)
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  1. what nice work Sue!! love the tumblers and great quilting
    Leeanna at not afraid of color

  2. Love your baby quilt! And your flannel quilt looks so nice. Your quilting is just beautiful.

  3. Thank you for showing how you mark! I want very much to try this. There are some things I see people quilt and I just cannot figure out how they did it. I really appreciate your sharing this.

    And I love your tumbler! Love the panto too. I was thinking I should order that, then I looked in my drawer and found that I already did. Just haven't used it yet!

  4. I love the tumbler quilt, perfect fabrics and quilting! A tumbler quilt is on my to make list. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the tumbler quilt--great border for it too!
    On Lorisquarepants, whose pointed oval ruler are you using? It looks like what I've been searching for.

  6. DHG is such a neat concept. It looks great in every colorway.

  7. That tumbler is adorable! I am really liking that design you are putting on Lorisquarepants, I think you just gave me an idea for a table topper I just pieced :-)

  8. I think your quilting is very neat and what a great quilting design.

  9. I love that squareish quilting design on the tumbler quilt, and your quilting on LSP is amazing!

  10. What fun projects! Love the quilting - the first one is really cool and textury ( I don't know if that is a word but it should be) nice job on all!

  11. Wonderful quilt and your quilting is excellent!

  12. I would like to thank you, Sue, for showing & explaining how you marked your design plan on this quilt. It was very helpful to me, a new long arm owner, to see the process you go through.
    The finished quilt, which you just posted, is stunning...fabulous work!
    I have just signed up to get your blog posts via email, so I won't miss any.

    Thank you again for the lesson & for sharing your tips!


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