Monday, July 14, 2014

Lots going on for Tuesday

My goodness I missed DWM and Anything Goes Mondays, but I'm right on track for Tuesday - Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story, Freemotion by the River with Connie, Sew Cute at Blossom Hearts and Show and Tell Tuesday with Freshly Squeezed, see the buttons on the sidebar.  Plenty there for the rest of the week too!  Well it is definitely a slow sewing summer.  I've got a few blocks done on the Lorisquarepants but that's about it.  April's gone to the APQS spa in Iowa, oh someone needs to ship me away for a spa week :)  Here's some of the blocks in various stages.  Hmm doesn't look like there are over 100 fabrics in there does it.  I"m a little concerned abotu some of those reds being a bit over powering.
Some blocks are done
some quarter blocks are done
and then there are some that are just waiting.
Ialos got some riding in this weekend.  Just a little over 54 miles this weekend. That was pretty sweet.  On Sunday we went for a 36 mile ride.  We stop at a little ice cream place in Hebron IL that is just adorable.  They have gardens, flowers and vegetables growing like crazy!  There's a little free library box on the side of the window and the metal shed out back has those fun letter magnets.  The ice cream is awesome, I was too busy eating it to get a picture.
18 mile break spot - Dari Company ice cream stand
Love the little free library on the side of the building
look at this, they are growing in bales of straw, and so healthy!!
Little shed in the back area, two sides filled with letters.

Lots of pretty flowers here too
Prairie wildflower of the week is wild bee balm - blooming like crazy on the prairie out here.  This was on the Hebron Trail.
Wild Bee Balm
Prairie Blossoms


  1. Looks like you had beautiful weather for your ride, it's been chilly over here so I am getting plenty of sewing done.

  2. Those blocks are neat. I don't know how different the colors are in person, but in the photo the reds do not jump out too much.

  3. How did you ever do 36 miles in one day? I did 22 and was about dead that night and the next day!! You could just come over to my house and use my longarm-I won't be getting much done this week but staining and varnishing 12 windows-not so fun. And picking wild black raspberries-yum.

  4. Sorry, I'd rather swim! The quilt is coming along nicely--looks great!


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