Friday, December 27, 2013

Sums it all up...

That's what I'm calling this one.  I saw the black and white version of Graphic Cross Quilt  in Modern Patchwork magazine and that is what inspired "Sums it all Up".  A few solid charms laying around, add a solid background and a border to hold it all in and I got this one done in no time.  Santa did drop off a copy of Judy Madsens' "Quilting Wide Open Spaces" and it's bursting with all kinds of goodness just waiting to be tried on the wide open spaces of this quilt :)
Sums it all Up
And a few more blocks done for Common Bride - 20 of the HST blocks and the flower stem blocks are done.  Ok I cheated on the flower stem blocks. They are suppose to be pieced, but I just appliqued that stem on a nice even square.
Common Bride
The last thing that I threw together is a panel that I've want to quilt for quite some time.  Isn't this the cutest panel?  I put a border on it and called it done.  Can wait to get this on the frame too!
Lollipop Panel
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  1. Sure like the fabrics for your Common Bride quilt!

  2. I can't wait to see how ya quilt that panel..I'll be checking back! :)

  3. that is a nice plus quilt, Sue. I don't have any solids really. do i have to start collecting those??

  4. Lovely plus quilt :)

  5. Three great projects - you get a whoop, whoop from me.


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