Sunday, August 4, 2013

DWM - 8/5

Ok last of the quilts for 100 Quilts for Kids - that makes 8 quilt tops ready to be quilted - I better get busy!  My sister in law helped me with this one.  We put this top together in less than 2 hours - what  a team!!
100 Quilts for Kids - #8
And there was a finish.  Plaid Obsession #2 done- my husband actually quilted this one :)  When I asked him how he liked it, his response "I didn't hate it".  Well, ok so there's an option to do another????  So nice to have some help.
Plaid Obsession #2
Plaid Obsession #2 - back
I also did a little work on the flower blocks.  Still not sure where this is going, but I *think* it might be getting closer.
Flower Blocks
Most exciting, I finally started, it's officially going on the quilts in progress list - woohooo!!!  Ok all I did was cut some 1.5 in strips (50 different fabrics) and paired them up for 8 pointed stars.  Maybe I just get a 'woo' and save the 'hoo' for when I get at least one star together.  But it's a start and that makes me happy.
Common Bride is officially started!

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  1. 8 quilts - how fabulous!! I just love the plaid. Always such fun visiting you.

  2. Wow! You have a lot going on at one time! The charity quilt is quite cheerful! I'm sue it will bring a smile to someone's face. Plaid Obsession is wonderful! How wonderful that your husband quilts too!

  3. So much going on at your house and with such great results.

  4. I wish I had help to piece quilts...LOL....what a wonderful quilt top to the 100 quilts project. Did you say that your hubby help as well?? Wow! Love the plaid quilt and backing, too.

  5. Plaid Obsession is grand. Nice pieced backing, too. (Quiltmakers admire pieced backings. What do nonquilters think, I wonder? "Geez, she just used up her leftover stuff on the back.")
    Now to look up "Common Bride."

  6. Yes definitely a WaHoo is in order!! I can't wait to watch the progress of your Common Bride quilt.

  7. How exciting! You've started Common Bride. Look forward to seeing your progress on this one. Love the other quilts and you're very lucky DH is helping.

  8. Plaid Obsession is beautiful. I love the colors.

  9. I love that you're doing the quilts for kids. I located the donor for my quilt I just have to finish the quilt.

    And, I love that #8 quilt. It's simple but so fun and colorful.

  10. I just love all you projects.I am not familar with Common Bride I will have to look that one up!
    I had a look around your blog and loved what i saw. I am a new follower.
    Visiting from fabric Tuesday


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