Monday, October 8, 2012

DWM Monday

Warrior Pride

my little pumpkins
Not a lot of sewing this weekend.  All the girls were home and we had our own little Octoberfest :)  But I did manage to get the final border on the Warrior Pride quilt, now to see if I can get it quilted by Saturday.


  1. I like the border!
    Sweet family picture : )

  2. Great family Picture!! The orange quilt is amazing!!!

  3. Love the quilt and the piano key border.

  4. Great family of pumpkins :*) The little one looks like someone stole his pumpkin! Your quilt is just amazing - I love it!!!

  5. I'm not much into orange, but your quilt is amazing. What is the pattern or main block?

  6. Wow! I used to not be a fan of orange, but I'm really drawn to it lately. I love everything about your beautiful quilt!


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