Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scrap Block Challenge

Oh I barely made this one.  Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is having a scrap block challenge.  I posted about it a couple of weeks ago but if you need the link again, here is it:  scrap block challenge 

I am suppose to be marking a quilt right now, shhhhhh don't tell anyone.  I just need to have a tiny bit of fun. Then I"ll mark the quilt.

My block is called Kitty Corner.  This is made with all 3.5 inch squares.    I call it Kitty Corner due to the adorable fabric with little kitties on it.  I only had enough for this one block and actually had to supplement with dogs, but they're super cute too.  Ok, now it doesn't look like much as a single block does it? But take a look at a quilt made out of these block.  Now it makes a little more sense huh?  And the border, 3.5 inch squares too.  A 16 block quilt with borders is 69x69, a 9 block quilt with borders is 54x54 - still a respectable size.  9 block loses a little of the circular motion there. And if you put full square in the corner you get something that looks like this. 

The HSTs I stack sometime up to 6 squares, line my ruler up with the 1/4 in line on the corners and cut.  This gives me a few extra bonus triangles which I just love!!  Look at those puppies, so cute!  The 3.5 inch HST - an added bonus does not have any dog ears when cut this way, I just love that.  Of course the bonus triangle have to be trimmed. 

I do use the Tri Rex Rulers for the blocks with the point in them.

Really, look how cute those kitties are peaking through the ruler :)

If you haven't used these, I do recommend them  It's a two ruler combo. One for the center piece and then the other for the outsides.  If you have fabric that has a right and wrong side, you need to take care and cut correctly for both sides.  Easy Peasy.

I posted the EQ7 file in the "Tutorial and EQ7" tab for any that are interested.  Ok, now I have a quilt to mark. The marking fairies did not visit while I was playing with fabrics :)


  1. Yeah - glad you joined in. So need to learn my EQ! A fun block and I just love the kitty fabric. Good for you in taking some 'play' time.

  2. Love the kitty fabric too! I have never used those rulers, but have seen them on several blogs. Might have to check them out!

  3. Those kitties *are* cute peeking through! Looks like a ruler set I could use.

  4. Very cute block. I think I have that set of rulers somewhere, but probably never used them.

  5. Oh, Sue, I'm so glad you made it! What an awesome block - and I love the way it looks in quilt - both ways!!!!

  6. That is so cool!! Both layouts are great, but I think I'm partial to the first. Love that it has a circular "motion" to it.

  7. You can practically feel the wind blowing in your first quilt layout - love it!!!

  8. Great block & design! Thanks for entering your block in the challenge!


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