Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going Bag Crazy

Too much work and not enough sewing makes Sue a crabby apple.  Yep, that's right, down right crabby I tell you! But I was able to get some sewing in this week. Bright happy colors to push that crabbiness away for a little while.  I was looking at some of the yahoo groups for just a couple of minutes last week when someone mentioned making bags.  I thought that would be great for the nieces and nephews.   I was previously considering pizza coasters, but thought that might require too much explaining.  I like gifts to be self explanatory! So I was looking around and took some ideas for 3 or 4 different places.  I really liked this one but it didn't seem sturdy enough for  what I wanted.  I loved the straps and the comment about needing to be 100% washable.  Moda also had a bag that I liked loved the different fabrics, could use up some of those larger scraps.  I added batting to mine and seam here and a seam there and came up with these.   If you would like I can post the pattern that I used for these.   Just let me know.

I also finished up the owl quilt.  I added some more things to the lonely guitar player.  I also gave him a little tattoo on his upper wing.  It's a heart and inside is says Mom, what rocker doesn't have a cute tattoo :)

Now to gear up for another busy week, only a few more and then hopefully things will slow down a bit.  I still have a whole lot of Christmas sewing to many days left  until Christmas????

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  1. Wow - lots of brights - certainly should cheer your up. Just love the owl quilt!

  2. I understand about the crabbiness, Sue! During prayer, DH always says "and if you could make Kathleen just a little less crabby" ! DH is a Pastor and has the patience of a Saint.

  3. I love your bags..........crabby apple.....grin.

  4. Love the bags, but the owls are so fun. Lucky child getting that!

    Crabbiness is a natural reaction to stress, perhaps you need to buy more fabric!

    - Mary, The Curious Quilter

  5. Your projects are so cheerful. Does this make you the bag lady?

  6. I would love to have the pattern you used for your bags. I have been wanting to replace all those nasty green bags from the grocery store! Do you put a bottom in? Thanks! PS cute blog!


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