Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nothing but FMQ this weekend

I finished both the New Port Beach quilts for 100 Quilts for kids.  Just need to get them boxed up and sent out.  One is going to upstate New York for the hurricane victims.  What a tragedy with the many small towns in the valleys completely devastated.  Contact Sharon at Vrooman's Quilt for details if you would like to help.  The white one is going locally here to project Linus.

I did exercise considerable restraint while quilting these.  Normally I go crazy with the quilting but I just did SITD on the white one and some free motion swirls and squiggly lines on the Brown one.  Both quilted in a day.  I NEVER quilt anything in a day!!!   It also helps that they are smaller quilts for kids.  The white one is slightly larger at 52 x 60 and the brown one is 50 square.   But at least there 2 things off the waiting to be quilted list.  Two done, one more added (I finally finished the button hole stitching around the bugs on Snug as a Bug) leaves 6 on the list.  Dang it, still too many!!  Couple more weeks of quilting and it should all be under control.  Hopefully ...maybe.....well we see what happens :)

I was so happy with my new found self control in quilting that I decided to start right away on Fair and Square.  Funny, I started that one cuz I thought the Kaleidoscope quilt would have been too easy!!  I looked at all those little postage stamps and thought, goodness what am I going to do with those.  So I started leafing through a few my FMQ books that inspire me and found something that looked easy enough.  On page 81 of Diane Gaudynski's "Quilt Savvy" book is "Diane-shiko".  I thought, I have the grid, it's the piecing, it's almost like straight lines, like SITD twice.  And no marking, I'm all about the no marking.  Ahhh, at that moment I  hopped right off the "take it easy with the quilting" wagon.  Oh my, it's going to take me a while to finish this one.  I've only started on the small squares and not even half way done.   Then I have the centers of those blocks to do.  I have a few ideas, hmm really need to narrow that down now don't I?!  What ever I choose for the red square blocks will be replicated in the string blocks so I need to choose carefully.  So what do you think?  Thoughts? Suggestions?  Recommendations?

Those other six on the "Waiting to be Quilted" list, I going to be on there for a little while.

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  1. Thank you for sending a quilt on to our area - such a need by so many. It will surely be adding smile on a child's face - yes, they are being sure that all quilts donated go to children


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