Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally a UFO done!! I'm all feathered out!

Finally Christmas lights without the Christmas is done.  All the pink and orange have feathers quilted and the purples and jewel tones in the center have grids.  The purple border is feathers as well.  I really need to do some piecing, that took way longer than it should have, especially for a quilt that I don't particularly like. But hey, I no longer have those hot pink and orange scraps!  And my daughter is thrilled with it.  I was going to donate it but she asked for it, go figure.

Now I'm going to take a break from machine quilting and the hot flaming colors.  I have two QST projects that I'm going to work on all day tomorrow.  Finally I get to devote a day to sewing and we lose an hour for DST.  I'll just have to get up a little earlier.  Here's the pastel project, still working on putting the blocks together.  These were made with honeybuns (1.5 inch strips - can never remember all those different bakery goodies).  And I still have some of the Hoopla fabric left so I'll be working on a second QST project from Quilters World, Summer Breeze.  Little baby girl blanket, I just know someone will have one sooner or later!  Three boys so far this year and March isn't even over!!

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  1. Oh wow Sue - fantastic job on the CL quilt. I can understand the overkill of color - I'm getting sick of working with green.

    The pastel quilt looks lovely - so soft and delicate, a great little girl's quilt.

  2. I love your brights quilt - but I bet you're glad it's done!!! Nice work this week- whoop whoop!! Thanks for linking up!!

  3. I like both quilts. I've found that I like making very different color quilts at the same time. That way I don't get burned out on one of the color sets. Good job.


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