Sunday, February 20, 2011

Design wall no longer empty - now that's better!

Not a lot of sewing this weekend.  Still have a little bit of jet lag.  I did finish two blocks done for baby boy quilt #3 (will someone please have a little girl ;).  Need to finish this one up for a baby shower mid-March.

And I also had 2 layer cakes of some great batiks.  I'm really liking the braid quilts and I've seen some really nice ones in batiks.  We'll see how this one turns out.  I'm using the darker red squares rather than the lighter colored ones on the design wall.  I was just too lazy to swap them out.  I'm going to try varying where the center is.  I think 6-7 rows with the center staggered in a check mark sort of design.  I also want to use a border on this but not really sure what color, I want it to be different from the center and the squares.  Maybe a nice deep red, but not as deep as the squares.  Or maybe a gold to brighten it up a bit.  It's not really as dark as it looks in the picture.  We'll see, I've got plenty of time!

Don't forget to stop by to see what everyone else has on their design walls.


  1. I have a nice whose is having a girl in early June if that helps...LOL! How about adding a soft green as borders to your braid. This is to be a table runner? Sandi

  2. I love the emergency cars. Your braid quilt is going to be lovely.

  3. I really like your braid. I'm doing one too but without the center squares and I'm using Violet as my color for Judy's Monochromatic Challenge. They are so much fun and very addictive.

  4. I need to make 2 baby boy quilts. I just love the emergency cars!


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