Friday, June 17, 2011

Any one want to trade?

 I have a Bargello book that I will never use again.  I did make two of the quilts in this book and well, Bargello's are gorgeous, but I won't make another.  I did write in the book as you can see here.  Other than that, it's good as new.  So if you would like to trade this wonderful book for 2 FQs of  your choosing leave me a comment and I'll get your information though the email.


  1. I would be interested on a swap. What fabrics do you favor?

  2. I'd be interested also. Same question - any particular FQs you're interested in swapping?

  3. Yikes, I want that book. You are welcome to any "flavors" of my fat quarters. Thanks!

  4. you must be joking, right? anyone would love that book!! you can have
    10 of my FQs as far as i'm concerned (you can tell i'm not a great fan of fats) and i'd still be the winner. buying the book has been THE reason i've never tried a bargello. we quilters can be soooo frugal!

    if that lovely book is looking for a new home where she will be loved to pieces (well, not pieces) then please send her here, where she will be appreciated, admired and used.


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