Monday, January 14, 2019

Chris's minis pack some big personality!!!

I just finished two mini quilts for Chris who blogs over at Chrisknitssews.  She made this two beauties! The first is the feathered star - oh oh oh my!! This sweet lil charmer is 29x29 inches - so you know those HST's gotta be tiny!  I just adore this red and white little quilt.  If I weren't so afraid of piecing I might even try my own. But remember my last finish?  The HSTs were 18 in square!!  One of these days I'll try.   Until then, I"m am just so happy that I get to quilt the works of art that others create!
Hobbs 80/20 batting, Glide thread - 40 wt on top, 60 wt in the bobbin, Micro quilter for SITD  I really am sad this one is going back

Tools used on this one, Linda Hrcka's curves 8 on the white areas, 12 on the red.  No marking for the cross hatch.  I actually found that I couldn't mark as accurately as I wanted so I used the lines on the ruler instead, worked well for these small cross hatch areas.  I did use a stencil for the center feathers, I wanted them to be a bit more accurate than if I did them with the aid of a stencil.  That little feather round is the most used stencil I have, it's come in handy so many times.  I used a 2.5 in circle guide for the curly feathers in the border.  I seriously just need to purchase a circle template set.  Who doesn't like twirly curly feathers?  Kim Brunner has a get book and DVD set.  I adore this one.
Yep that seam ripper was one of the most used tools on the berry baskets :)
You can see how I marked the spins of the twirly feathers, they are C's that have the opening offset.  So much fun!

As if that cutie wasn't enough, she made this 24 inch square berries basket quilt. The colors, be still my beating heart!  Just love these colors.  Cross hatch areas were a little bigger, but still no marking on these.  This was the first mini I have ever quilted.  Boy there is just no place to hide.  On a quilt with 30 blocks you can hide a mistake or two (or five or more).  But on these, nope, you have to be right on.  I did a bit of ripping of stitches and then I just slowed down.  For me, the quilting of a mini is just a bit different than any quilt that has more than 12 blocks!  It was a great learning experience for me and I loved quilting these for Chris.  Chris thanks for letting me quilt for you!
Hobbs 80 / 20 batting Glide thread top and bottom, 40 wt on top, 60 wt on bottom 

At our January Quilt Guild mtg I signed up for a round robin quilt "thing". A number of people signed up, and we trade them every month until they get pretty big then every 2 months - we're doing 6 rounds.  I decided to go outside my comfort zone and join in the fun.  I had grand dreams of piecing this wonderful center, starting the year off right and  you know doing the piecing thing.  Well, I decided that I'm going to use a panel for the center.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It's actually fabric that I purchased at our Guilds Garage Sale, see putting that stuff to use right!  Just take a look below?  Isn't that just made for a round robin quilt?  I think so!  No piecing this time, but I promise to make it on the next round.  I've got this.  Well if I don't I may be asking for some help :)

Oh I don't think I've the proper introductions.  I'd like to introduce our newest family member Isaac.  Zaffle left us on Halloween last year and I thought for sure that I would wait at least another year. But no, the break during the holidays made me realize I need a furry friend.  Well here he is.  This little guy has been down in the quilting studio, but hard to tell if he likes it yet or not.  Zaffle always kept me company when I was quilting. I think Isaac is going to love being down there.
hmmm is he amused or no?? I think yes!
Isaac, my new baby!

Now that those minis are done, I get to start on a special project.   This one I get to do what every I want.  Oh you know there's some thread that's going down now.  I can't share until the reveal so I'll have to think of something to do for next week...hmmm maybe I'll get some piecing done....ya that's it!

Hope everyone has a great week and don't forget to check out the linky parties on the side bar, so much inspiration out there!

Monday, January 7, 2019

June's Home and Hearth Log Cabin

I just finished this custom beauty for June.  First I'll show the pictures then a little bit on how we collaborated on the quilting design and the tools used.  There were things flying everywhere in the studio with this one!  Templates, rulers, stencils, marking tools, manila folders, all of it all over all the time, what fun! You can find June Bacchi on Facebook for more info on the wonderful quilt.  This one has two layers of batting, Hobbs wool on top, heirloom 80/20 on the bottom. Glide 40 wt thread on top and 60 wt in the bobbin.  Man, my machine LOVES this combination!

Now, wasn't that something.  The pattern is Hearth and Home from Today's Quilter Magazine.  They have a facebook page as well.  These blocks were really big and I'm not accustom to such large blocks.  For this I really wanted to try the pattern on the actual size block (rather than marking something up on the tablet).  I used florist cellophane (you can get a large roll from Amazon for less then 10.00 delivered to your door).  I use painters tape on the edges so it's crystal clear where the cellophane ends and the quilt is unprotected.   Then I just draw right on the plastic.  I had some ideas about some simple feathers in the colored part of the log cabin (without the house) and drawing that simple idea I quickly found out that was NOT going to work.  I was drawing a few ideas for the white area of the same block, one of them involved cat tails ( the plants not real cats :).  June  then thought 4 seasons would be good (which really is a great idea) but then she thought of the hearts, which was a fabulous idea.  After a bit of back and forth together we came up with the quilting design.  And that is how one idea leads to another which leads to another.... I love the collaboration.  It brings things that neither party would have come up with on their one.  I was just in love with this.  I  added a heart in the colored area a bit larger and that made the feathers much easier to quilt in that area. Then took the heart and put those on the door and above the door.  That unifies it all - my home is my heart as June puts it.  Home definitely is where the heart is for this quilt!

Good tool to find out what *doesn't * work.  The ones on the right were original thoughts until I drew then full size, then on to plan B

Other tools that were used once the design was done  - the sashing and first border needed a serpentine spine feather.  In Margaret Solomon Gunn's book Featherless Feathers she shows how to use adding machine tape to calculate (hehe) the curve for the space.  Fold in half as many times as you like, then mark the centers, add your curve and cut.  I used a really thin paper, so I took a complete piece of the arcs and made a template from a manila folder, one for the border, one for the sashing.  Worked like a charm.  I just used one of my many curved rulers for the corners.

Stencils - I used a couple of stencils for this project. The clam shells and the 1/2 in cross hatching were used on the roof and the bricks.  Deloa Jones has some wonderful grid based stencils I had one stencil with two hearts just the right size for the door and above the door.  No reason you have to use the entire stencils, just use the parts you want!!

I didn't have stencils nor did Santa bring me a set of circle templates, so I made my own hearts and circle again.  I add registration marks to the templates for ease in placement.

Rulers - of course I used used Linda Hrcka's curved rulers this one used the 20 and the 34, first time I got to use one of the big curves. Was perfect for this big blocks!  I also used Bethanne Nemesh garden line straight edge and quilters Rule curves - that is just a great one for same curves, used it on the curtains.

The usual marking tools no change here.

I'll be sad to see this feathered beauty go, Thanks for letting me quilt for you June, loved the collaboration and what we came up with for the quilting plan together!

I was having so much fun with this feathers that I neglected Good Fortune, but I did get a couple of the blocks done

Just an FYI  -  I am not affiliated with any of the products that I show here, I'm just a very happy customer and highly recommend their products.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Final Finish of 2018 - 3 vintage beauties

What a perfect end to the year.  When I was quilting these, I looked at the fabrics and would love to know their story.  Did she have a stash of fabrics waiting to be cut up.  Did she have a scrap plan and storage?  What tricks did she have for cutting all those pieces with scissors.  What we should think about the stashes that people have these days and the quilt stores with all the different fabric lines.  What would she think about a rotary cutter?  And then as I was quilting, more the endless chain quilt, I wondered what she would think about the machine quilting, the longarm quilting that is done these days.  These quilts transported me to a different time where quilting was done in a much different way.  I bet they never even thought about completing a quilt in a day! These are Mary Ann's quilts, I" was so honored to be able to quilt them.  Her grandmother left these in her hope chest.  Mary Ann remembers sitting by her grandmother while she was cutting all the pieces and asked her what she was making.  Her grand mother responded with "oh something special".  Well these are special indeed!!  She had these three finished for her children, each gets one.   She has two more tops that we are hoping at least a part of them can be salvaged.  She donated a few tops to the Palmer House here in Crystal Lake as she didn't know what to do with the tops.  I will definitely stop by to take a look  at those beauties.  I think now she wishes should would have saved them.  They are all treasures and she was very generous to donate them.  At one time she said she tried to sell them at a garage sale.  I told her she needs to call me first before she does that again!! She said she definitely would.  Now she knows what to with them,  and they hold a special place in her heart.  I'm certain they will hold a special place in the hearts of her children as well.

Now what do we know about these quilts...The first one is an endless chain, just gorgeous with the yellow centers and the red fabrics just pop right off the quilt.  There are a couple of fabrics that are the same but different colors and it did made me wonder what the fabric lines were like back then and  how quilters stored the extra scraps.   I didn't do any marking on this, I just didn't even want to take a chance on the marker not coming out.  I used one ruler, Linda Hrcka's #15 curve.  Just did point to point no marking, free motion fills in the triangle.  It looks like big flowers after quilting.  I was hoping there would be more of a circular secondary pattern, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.  Batting is Hobbs 80/20.  Thread was king tut on top, bottom line in the bobbin

hobbs 80/20 batting

Linda Hrcka's #15 curve for everything, just point to point didn't want to take a chance on marking

King Tut ivory on top

The pink and blue postage stamps quilts are wonderful. That pink has just a tiny hint of purple to it, I am quite smitten with that sweet little thing. On this I used a digital edge to edge.  Baptist Fan from Three Sisters Quilting.  I love a baptist fan on a vintage quilt.  I have got to make my own quilt (or find one of those great deals at second hand/antique shop) and quilt a baptist fan on it.  Batting is hobbs 80/20 thread is permacore quilters on top, bottom line in the bobbin.  Cotton sateen on the back is so soft!
Hobbs 80/20 batting on all three

Permacore med grey thread on top

oh the different fabrics!!

All of these are hand pieced.  In a previous post I gave the link for a video by Jamie Wallen on machine quilting hand pieced tops.  Definitely worth a watch.  After laying down the batting, place a layer of muslin on the batting, baste it down, then place your top on the muslin and quilt as normal.  This not only gives the quilt a bit of sturdiness, but if anything happens with the seams, the batting is in tact and you can simply hand sew any areas of concern.  It made a world of difference doing this.
all three have a layer of muslin between the top and the batting

Donna Tyra on the Quilting Facebook group posted these picks, she let me repost them here as well.   She found hers at an Antique Fair.  Oh how I wish I could find one of these!!

Well as you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed these sweet little quilts and haven't made much progress on Good Fortune quilt, but I may be able to get some time in tomorrow, strings will go fast and I'll catch up before you know it.
good fotune moving slowly

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and all the quilty goodness your heart can hold in 2019!  Don't for get to check out the linky parties on the side bar.  See you in 2019!