Sunday, June 3, 2018

And that's a wrap, Hands 2 Help 2018 Grand Finale

The grand Finale!! Hands 2 Help 2018 has come to and end. These wonderful quilters created 8 beauties for some wonder causes. Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo gets 2 quilts, Little Lambs Foundation for Kids gets 2 quilts, Project Linus local to McHenry Co will get 2 quilts and Sage Cancer Center in McHenry will get 2 quilts from this year and 5 from the previous year. DorothyVeronikaLaurieLiane KoehlRobertTomDeborah - thank you for all you do! We met our goal of 8 quilts this year, and I do think they are the best quilts we've made so far!! Can't wait for Hands 2 Help 2019. Next year for our local donations are going to change it up a little. We will still make quilts for hands 2 help, but we're going to give our local quilts to the care givers of those that receive our quilts. They care for those under the worst of circumstances and comfort those in pain, in need, and in fear. I think it would be great one year to recognize some of those outstanding individuals who make a difference in this world. So if you know of anyone deserving, let us know and we'll get them on our list. Here's a few pictures of what this group of quilters accomplished this year. Thanks to Sarah for hosting Hands 2 Help for so many years, and sending the fat quarters and thread, what a surprise that was!! Cheers to another great year of Hands 2 Help
8 quilts this year, 6 on this line and 2 additional baby quilts on another

The last 5 finished and ready to go to Sage Cancer Center in McHenry
Panto - Golden Curls by Apricot Moon, Hobbs Poly Down batting, So Fine thread 

Kaffe Fasset shot cotton stripes fat quarter bundle - finally used it!

Cozy flannel on the back

Love a quilt hanging on the line
Giant Card Trick quilt - left overs from On Ringo Lake with  a little yellow added

Just hanging

Panto - Good Vibrations #1 Patricia Ritter, quilted the top, then turned the quilt and quilted again to get the good vib cross hatch, fun huh????  Hobbs Poly down batting, king tut thread on top

Cotton Sateen on the back, soooooo soft

Great Granny squares, good way to use those charm packs

Love a pieced back

looks like stained glass with the light showing through

Panto - Daisy Doodle Patricia Ritter, Hobbs Poly Down Batting, Glide Thread

Panto - Daisy Doodle Corner - Patricia Ritter, Hobbs Poly Down Batting, Glide Thread 

more cotton sateen 

Panto - Daisy Doodle Corner - Patricia Ritter, Hobbs Poly Down Batting, Glide Thread 

Cozy flannel on both of these

Panto - Cupid - Leisha Farnsworth and Patricia Ritter, Hobbs Poly Down batting, glide thread

More flannel on the back

Panto - Cupid - Leisha Farnsworth and Patricia Ritter, Hobbs Poly Down batting, glide thread

Here they are, hearts of gold I tell you!

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Check out the linky parties on the side bar, lots of inspiration out there
Cheers to another great year of Hands 2 Help!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mill Girls BOM is going home

It's time, this beauty is being shipped back to CA where she belongs.  I'm gonna miss this one!  We did spend some quality time together.  I managed to finally get some pics in natural light, just love when the sun is pretty low and shadows from the quilting show up so nicely.  You have to forgive my lumpy yard....there wasn't much natural light left and I wanted to get a few pics so no time to look for a flatter spot.  The quilt is nice and flat, it's my yard that isn't!
Mill Girls BOM - I'm gonna miss this girl!

Cable feathers look great with the fabric which has an winding feathery pattern.  First time doing Cable Feathers, used Deborah Poole's templates that I got from MQX, works like a dream

A simple feather in this border to mimic the fabric, beadboard in the small borders is carried through the larger borders as well.   
The star points almost look like wings don't they?  feathers feathers feathers!!!

Simple quilting on the pieced blocks brings out their beauty.  Continuous curve and feathers in the background.

Nothing but pure feathered fun!
Here's the details

  • Pattern:  Mill Girls BOM
  • Batting:  Hobbs wool (don't you love the quilting definition?)
  • Thread:  Glide 40wt on Top, Glide 60 wt in the bobbin (love these two together)
  • Ruler work and free motion feathers - lots and lots of feathers!
Now to load some of those Hands2help quilts on the frame and get those done!  Check out the linky parties on the side bar, lots of quilty goodness out there.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Hands2Help 2018

Will you look what happened on Sunday?  They did it again! We finished three quilts for Little Lambs foundation for kids and nearly finished another. This puts us at 6 tops complete and one really really close. The large card trick will go to Sage Cancer center when completed. Thanks to these wonderful people for taking time out of their busy day for such good causes. The sweatshop had those machines humming today. You only have two more chances to help out, May 20 and then the final wrap up on June 3.   Let me know if you'd like to help us out. It was such a beautiful day too.
Three baby quilts, finally putting this adorable fabric to good use!

Large String Blocks for Card Trick - left overs from On Ringo Lake and added the yellow.  Just needs a border

Strings every where!

The sweatshop had those machines humming!

Bobs got a trick up his sleeve!  He was talking to Tom when we got the pic of the baby quilts.  He worked hard today :)
There's going to be a new addition in the sewing studio.  That table that we're sewing at will come out when we're done, June 3.  The cutting and ironing tables will be where the sewing table is and in that empty spot will be my new A1 Long Arm!!!!!  I did it, I got one.  Ordered it last week and am just beside myself with excitement.  I tried one at MQX in NH and fell head over heels in love with it.   Now I can be doing pantos on one and custom work on the other.  Her name is going to be Loretta (after my mom), I'll call her Lottie for short.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Hope every one has a great week, check out the linky parties on the side bar, go get inspired!!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

A little quilting therapy

Oh man, is there anything like quilting therapy so sooth the soul?? I don't think so. I did get a bit of soothing this weekend.  I was hoping to be finished with this quilt but not today.  I think I had so much enthusiasm for all the newly learned things and inspiration that I severely underestimated the complexity and time to complete a feathered cable and bead board that weaves in and out of the border.  Great idea, but maybe not for a time sensitive project.    This baby has to be completed and returned by Mid May.....that gives me 2 Saturdays and 1 Sunday to complete, then check for stitches that need to be redone, trim, check again......and ship so that it arrives in CA by May 15.  I can do this. The hardest part is over.  Figuring out what to quilt (even if it's too hard) takes time and consideration.  But I think I have it. So what do you think??   The pattern is Mill Girls BOM, Janice did an amazing job with this.  It's got Hobbs wool batting, sooooo yummy, and glide thread on top, 40 wt, with 60 wt glide in the bobbin.  
Hobbs Wool Batting, Glide 40 wt thread on top, Glide 60wt in the bobbin

Janice did a great job on this!  Old Mill BOM, just beautiful.  

I may have been a wee bit over inspired from MQX earlier in April!

The rulers....I'm never this messy when quilting but the rulers on this quilt are just so many and for all parts. I swear I cleared off this quilt at least five time!

Hope everything one has a great week.  And I've got a trunk show coming up on Thursday this week in McHenry, take a look at the last blog post for details.  Link parties in the sidebar, go get inspired!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trunk show - how exciting!!!

Has it been a month since I've posted???  Really, I was doing so good.  But hey,  I haven't been just sitting on my behind staring at my lovely thread collection. Oh no, I've been doing stuff, and I'm planning on doing more stuff!!!

First I'm really excited to be doing my first ever trunk show and chat about quilting.  Seriously who doesn't love a good chat about stuff like batting, backing, density, thread and how it all can be mixed and matched for different impact on the finished quilt?    I'll be talking with the County Quilters of McHenry, check out their blog and you can find them on Facebook too.  I'm a little nervous as I've never talked about my quilting or shown my quilts to a whole group of quilters (like quilters who know what their doing.  Not like my husband and family who tolerate my quilt chatter and have no idea if I know anything at all about quilting). But when it's about the quilting, well it's hard to hold back.  So if you're in the area, Shepherd of the Hills Church, 404 N Green St, McHenry, IL 60050, stop by, it's a great group of quilters!  Mtg starts at 7 PM on Thursday May 3.

So what else have I been doing???? Trying to get Janice's gorgeous quilt completed, need to finish that up this weekend.  Me and Amanda (my Millie) are going to be spending some quality time together this weekend, kinda miss her.  Check back on Monday for pics of this beauty!

Hands2Help2018 team has been hard at work, we have 3 tops together so far. Love these people, love that they take time out of their busy day for such good causes.  Quilting is always better with friends.

Hard to believe that we went to college together.  He rode on my handle bars of my bike down at Purdue West Lafayette 

Dorthy just had twin grand daughters, I've got baby quilts wait to get on the frame!

Hard days work but we got a lot done!

It was a beautiful day but a bit breezy 

Laurie's so sweet!!

Veronika was helping out with iron duty when the strips were almost done! She came in her quilters shirt ready to go

And the best part, I spent a week at MQX New Hampshire.  Oh my my my!!! The quilts, the classes, everything about it was amazing.  I had classes with Judy Madsen (her sister Amy is the sweetest thing ever), Deborah Poole, Karlee Porter, Bethanne Nemesh (who won 2 ribbons at the show, first place in whole cloth- un-freaking believable!)  I just can't express how energizing and fun this was.  And the quilts... oh my the quilts.  I've posted some on Facebook and some on Instagram.  It really was the best show I've ever been to. Just the right size, the classes were amazing.  There were some nice vendors, but really I felt like this was a show about the quilts and learning more than the vendors.  If you ever get a chance to go, you really should.  
Best of show, amazing!!!

Amazing right??  That bar is set so high!!

Yep so now, you're all caught up. See I have been doing stuff!!! Check back on Monday, I sure am hoping for a finsih!