Long Arm Quilting

I have an APQS Millennium long arm that I call April.  April and I would love to quilt your top for you.  Prices are listed below.  Examples of my work can be found at :  http://suedaurio.blogspot.com/ where you’ll find a wide range of quilting patterns and custom work.

All over meandering or loops - .016 per square inch. Generally about 1- 1.5 inch spacing

Low Density Edge to Edge designs – pantographs that go from edge to edge - .018 per square inch
  • And example Contempo  - 
  • Stars and Bars - Patricia Ritter
  • Ebb and Flow - Hermione Agee   
Medium Density Edge to Edge and light custom designs - .02 per square inch – includes pantographs that have a dense patter, perhaps you would like a special treatment on the borders different or a center medallion block that needs a special design 
  • Splat - Anne Bright 
  • An example - Splat - 
  • All over free hand feathers - 

  • Fanfare Fanfare-quilting-pantograph-pattern-Patricia-Ritter-Urban-Elementz.jpg
  • Fanfare Pantograph Patricia Ritter
  • Aloha - Patricia Ritter 
  • Brush Fire - Nancy Readbrush fire pantograph © Nancy Read
  • Cloud Nine - Patricia Ritter
  • Curlz - Patricia Ritter Curlz-quilting-pantograph-pattern-Patricia-Ritter-Urban-Elementz.jpg
  • Drunken Feathers - Barbara BeckerDrunken_Feathers_Barbara_Becker.jpg
  • Fantasy Flame  - Jessica Shick Fantasy-Flame-pantograph-pattern-Jessica-Schick.jpg
  • Fly Away - Willow Leaf Studio 
  • Ground Cover  - Barbara Becker 
  • Lounge Lizards - Patricia Ritter 
  • Outside In - Barbara Becker 
  • Pansies - Patricia Ritter 
  • Simply Stars - Lisa Calle -
  • Star Dance - Barbara Becker 
Medium Custom - .05 per square inch – different designs on different blocks, feathered wreaths, back ground fills around applique, ruler work that includes a lot of stitch in the ditch

  • An example of three different patterns, water, grass, sky and border 

Heavy Custom - .07 per square inch and up – intricate designs that require ruler work, dense back ground fills and requires a lot of attention to your special quilt!
  • An example of heavy custom - 

As an Example, if you have a quilt that is 100 inches x 100 inches – a large meandering or loops would cost $120 for quilting.  If you choose a medium custom design the quilting would cost $500

I generally use Glide and Superior So Fine on the top thread and Superior bottom line in the bobbin. There is a thread charge of $3-8 per quilt, depending on size and complexity of the design.

Don't see the e2e design you want, just let me know.  I can get any of the designs from Urban Elementz or other location where digital patterns are available, just let me know what you want!

There is a minimum charge of $50.00.  I’ll work with you to create a custom listing for your quilt.  If you have any questions, please send me a message.  I’d love to hear from you, send me an email - suedaurio00 at gmail.com


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  2. I would love to get pricing looking for one to tow guilts very simple not too extravagant like you have here. How can I go about pricing


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