Sunday, April 29, 2018

A little quilting therapy

Oh man, is there anything like quilting therapy so sooth the soul?? I don't think so. I did get a bit of soothing this weekend.  I was hoping to be finished with this quilt but not today.  I think I had so much enthusiasm for all the newly learned things and inspiration that I severely underestimated the complexity and time to complete a feathered cable and bead board that weaves in and out of the border.  Great idea, but maybe not for a time sensitive project.    This baby has to be completed and returned by Mid May.....that gives me 2 Saturdays and 1 Sunday to complete, then check for stitches that need to be redone, trim, check again......and ship so that it arrives in CA by May 15.  I can do this. The hardest part is over.  Figuring out what to quilt (even if it's too hard) takes time and consideration.  But I think I have it. So what do you think??   The pattern is Mill Girls BOM, Janice did an amazing job with this.  It's got Hobbs wool batting, sooooo yummy, and glide thread on top, 40 wt, with 60 wt glide in the bobbin.  
Hobbs Wool Batting, Glide 40 wt thread on top, Glide 60wt in the bobbin

Janice did a great job on this!  Old Mill BOM, just beautiful.  

I may have been a wee bit over inspired from MQX earlier in April!

The rulers....I'm never this messy when quilting but the rulers on this quilt are just so many and for all parts. I swear I cleared off this quilt at least five time!

Hope everything one has a great week.  And I've got a trunk show coming up on Thursday this week in McHenry, take a look at the last blog post for details.  Link parties in the sidebar, go get inspired!!


  1. Such beautiful machine quilting! And such a beautiful quilt. I love feathers, so I am drooling over my computer here. Thanks for sharing, Judy (Design Wall Monday)

  2. Oh my! That is just gorgeous!!! You do beautiful work.

  3. Beautiful quilting,as usually ;)

  4. Your quilting is always wonderful.

  5. Wow, what stunning work!! I am in awe of quilters like you that can come up with such fabulous quilting ideas and execute them flawlessly.


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