Sunday, November 6, 2011

I think I'm ready for the baby shower now!

I think I'm finally ready for the baby shower.  This weekend, I made a diaper bag with the left over material from the baby bumpers and crib shirt, I have 4 crib sheets, and 6 burp clothes.  What no bibs?  how on earth did I let that happen???  Well I have a few more weeks before the shower (gee can you tell I'm excited????)

Here's some pics: diaper bag first.  The baby's name is Miles, but I like to call him Smiles - this is the same fabric as the bedding.  I embroidered on the front flap.  I think the letters came from Bunnyhill, they had  a retired set that was free.  The little smiley face (hard to see n the picture, but easier in real life, came off the machine standard stuff, but darn cute!  Front and back outside both have 2 pockets, same with the inside. So lots of pockets.  The sides have long skinny pockets, I haven't found anything to put in those yet, but I'm sure I will.  And it's 100% washable - I love washable with babies.  On the side is a cute little Owl rattle that I found.

The back shows the pockets a little more.   Yes I have the bag filled with all kinds of little goodies for the little guy.

And the inside.  Ok I think I'm done with my bag phase now.

Oh and then I had so much fun making the little burp clothes.  I used diaper fabric (who knew they had diaper fabric?  I found some and I got it).  Oh it is just sooooooo soft.  If I were Miles I would want to be burped all the time so I could lay my little face on that yummy soft goodness.  They say it becomes more absorbent as you wash it, I just hope it stays as soft.  So I made 6, 2 are duplicates.  I had just enough of the magician fabric to make 2 so I used it up.   Ya, the orange one isn't really all that manly, but hey, Mom deserves something a little cutsie when someone is spitting on her shoulder :)

And then there were sheets.  One was the owl fabric to match everything.  The other 3 were flannels, soft and cuddly.  Little pirates soft and cuddly?  You bet look at them !!

Did I tell you I like sewing for babies :)   Linking up with Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations and Judy at Patchwork Times


  1. Wow, yes you do like to sew for babies. But it all stuff that makes you smile (for Miles-lol) while working on it. Lovely job Sheila.

  2. Oh so cute! What a lucky baby that will be!

  3. What a wonderful assortment to welcome a new baby! I just made burp cloths for my 8 week old baby. Since he was born 10 weeks early, he spent many weeks in the NICU. Sooo....Joanne's is currently having a sale for flannel for I stocked up on 10+ yards of flannel to make many more burb cloths for the NICU, because it was always the one thing that they never had enough of!

  4. Adorable everything! Glad you sewed all those smiles into special things.

  5. What great gifts. Your fabrics choices are just terrific.

  6. those burp cloths are just plain ADORABLE!! I miss the babies. Our youngest great-grandson is now a big boy of 5 years! Maybe I could make some...just in case.

  7. Ah, so cute! :) Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!


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