Sunday, August 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Kaleidoscope Blocks

Not much sewing this week. Work was crazy and all the girls were home to celebrate turning 20.  I have survived 3 teenage girls.  3 down, 1 to go :).  But I did manage to get a little caught up on my Kaleidoscope blocks.  All 30 are done.  I still need to do a little more rearranging,   Just a little, I am REALLY trying to keep this scrappy looking and not too controlled, but man that's hard for me!

Not too sure about the borders, I would really like to so something like below, but I think I'm going to browse the flickr group and see what other fabulous ideas are out there.

I also got a box of old army uniforms from my niece who would like a quilt made out of them.  I have some dark brown that I can use with it.  There are two different uniforms, one lighter camouflage  and the other darker colors.  Any one have any ideas on that one?  There is a bag of patches too.  Suggestions  please!!!!


  1. Sue, my niece makes bags, but I think she has done some quilts, too.

  2. For the army uniforms, I suggest that you make blocks with large squares in the middle, such as Sawtooth Stars, and applique the patches in these centers, perhaps after quilting.

  3. Lovely Kaleidoscope! Hope you decide on a great border you love.

  4. Very pretty quilt, and some nice plain areas for your quilting to show.

  5. This is agreat quilt would you be able to tell me what fabric range it would be or is it all from your stash


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