Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Irish Stars

As you can see, I don't normally do traditionally pieced quilts, but this one I really liked.  I purchased the kit at A Pieceful Gathering in Cary, IL.  this is the first quilt that I quilted features.  I copied them on tear away stabilizer and then pinned and quilted.  Now that's one of those things you only  do once.  It took a very very long time to pull out the stabilizer.  But I do lover the feathers.  The next quilt I marked with chalk, and then started doing them free hand.  Sometimes you just have to jump.


  1. Beautiful quilt Sue! I think I will need to make one of those in Kansas Troubles fabrics....someday!

  2. That's a gorgeous quilt! Do you recall the designer's name? I'd like to see if there is a pattern available.

  3. Here's the info on the quilt:

    Pieceful Gathering Quilt Patterns
    Carrie Quinn
    106 Northwest Highway
    Fox River Grove, IL 60021


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